Monday, October 08, 2012

9 Super Hero TV Shows

Super Hero Hype recently published an article about 9 they think should have their own television series.

Here is their list:

1. Daredevil

While I agree with their comment about the ability to do this as a procedural drama due to his day-time job as a lawyer, I have to ask, do we really need another law and order style television show? Are the hundreds that are already out there enough? I just can't see the character being able to carry his own TV show, much like I didn't think he would have been enough to carry his own film. And we all saw how that one turned out.

2. Heroes For Hire

Basically a Power Man and Iron Fist show. I can't really see it.

3. Jonah Hex

As much as I'd love to see a TV show made from this character, I can't see how it would work. The movie doesn't seem to have done very well. At least at the box office. Is there really a market for western shows these days? If they made it, I'd watch it.

4. X-Men

I'd actually like to see this too. Imagine the story lines that they could tell without the constraints of a 2 hour film. They could tell the stories of Days of Future Past. Or Inferno. Or Age of Apocalypse. Fall of the Mutants. Unfortunately, previous attempts at doing X-related material on the small screen have not done well. Take for instance the Generation X show.

5. Green Lantern

Hmmm....other than as an animated series, which they are already doing, I can't see it happening.

6. Deadpool

I would love to see this. I would totally watch a TV show based on Deadpool. Although, in all honestly, I can't see how it would work other than as an animated series.

7. Aquaman

Seriously? Aquaman? Really?

8. The Punisher

I'd like to see them do this character right. Could a TV show do it? The closest they came was when Ray Stevenson played the part in the movie Punisher: War Zone. In my opinion, he was a great representation of the Garth Ennish take on the character.

9. Batman

Lord no. Images of Adam West and Burt Ward just flew through my head. Please don't!!

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