Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NHL Lockout Drags On

Labor Sides Have No Plans To Meet - ESPN Article

I consider myself a pretty fair hockey fan. Living in a city without a major league professional team makes it difficult to fully enjoy the sport and watching hockey games on television are somewhat boring but despite all that, I follow the NHL season pretty heavily and usually do catch a game when a team I really like shows up on a station I get and definitely watch the playoff and Stanley Cup games when there is a team I care about.

So it should not surprise anybody that it irritates the heck out of me when the hockey season does not start on time.

According to this ESPN article, all of November's games have been cancelled and it is very likely that both the Winter Classic and the All-Star Game will be cancelled.
And this is all because the National Hockey League and the National Hockey Players Association can't seem to come to a deal.

And people wonder why I have a problem with labor unions.

My question is why do professional athletes need labor unions? Are they so unhappy with the millions of dollars that they make every year that they need a union to represent their interests? If they are so unhappy with the kind of money that they make, I would be happy to take some of it off their hands.

This hockey players union seems to be trying to paint a picture of the NHL as the big bad corporation trying to take money away from the player's. First of all, the NHL is in the business to make money? And how can these labor unions be serious. It isn't like these players are getting screwed. It isn't like the poor economy is really affecting them. NHL players are paid very well. The minimum salary for a hockey player is $500,000 a year. I should be so lucky.

Labor unions within professional sports are completely obsolete. Most professional athletes have agents that negotiate their contracts for them. Why bother belonging to a union that is forcing them to pay dues when most of them are paying a pretty penny to their agents to do the same thing for them? It sounds to me like the union is the one that is trying to screw the players out of their money.

Additionally, from what I have seen, most of the players in the NHL will be playing in other leagues, state-side and abroad because of the lockout. This just proves to me that most of the players just want to play hockey and the money be damned.

What is my solution? Get rid of the hockey players union or if that is too drastic for you, let's get Congress to pass a national right-to-work law so any professional athlete's that don't want to belong to any sort of player's unions don't have to. That way if they go on strike and the players still want to work, they have that choice.

It is high time that we take professional sports away from the politics of labor unions and give it back to the players!

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