Monday, October 15, 2012

Oklahoma County GOP Supports Democratic Sheriff!

Surprisingly, the Oklahoma County GOP is not supporting one of their own this election cycle.

In the race for Oklahoma County Sheriff, several GOP officials are supporting the Democrat John Whetsel over the Republican Darrell Sorrels.

In fact, these county officials helped to host a fundraiser for Sheriff Whetsel yesterday, Wednesday, October 10 at the Zoo called Calypso Under the Canopy.

Specifically, Oklahoma County Commissioner Ray Vaughn, Oklahoma County Tax Assessor Leonard Sullivan, Oklahoma County Treasurer Butch Freeman, and Oklahoma County Court Clerk Carolyn Caudill, were listed as co-hosts of this fundraiser.

I’d like to address the problems I have with this.

First, according to the printed and accepted rules of the Oklahoma Republican Party, a party officer in the Republican Party should be removed from office if they are found to be:
”Publicly supporting or endorsing an opponent of candidates of the Republican Party.”
What this is saying is that if any party officer is found to be supporting or endorsing an opponent to a Republican candidate they will no longer be able to hold the post of any party office, including Precinct Officer (i.e. Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) or a county-wide officer position such as Chair, Vice-Chair, State Committeeman/Woman. This also excludes them from being able to serve on any party committees such as Executive Committee, Rules Committee, etc...

Based on this alone, those party officers in the Republican Party that are supporting Whetsel, again a Democrat, over the Republican Darrell Sorrels, should be taking the train, so to speak.

But that isn’t the only reason. If these people were supporting Whetsel over Darrell because he is a better man for the job, I could almost (almost) let this violation of the rules slide. I’m certainly no fan of blind partisanship.

However, the current sheriff was elected 16 years ago and vowed to fix the problems with the county jail. Not only has he not fixed the jail. He has made it worse. The federal Department of Justice has not only removed its own prisoners from the jail due to mis-management, but they have even threatened to take over the jail because of these flagrant problems with management of the jail. Not to mention the hundreds of federal court cases that have been filed against him. This is a County Sheriff that is no stranger to having lawsuits filed against him. Currently, he is under investigation by both the OSBI and the FBI in regards to the use of county detention center inmates to assist with the manufacturer of his re-election signs. This type of abuse of power (in addition to being an outright civil rights violation) is horrendous. Whetsel has also cost Oklahoma County millions of dollars in settlements to pay off those who would have otherwise filed even more lawsuits against him.  The bottom line on Whetsel is that he should not serve another term.

By severe contrast, his challenger, the Republican challenger Darrell Sorrels is a true man of integrity. He is an experienced law enforcement officer. He is a man that will stand up to the federal government against their overreach of power in our county. He is a man of Constitutional and conservative values.

I have written several articles on this blog recently concerning this race. Here are some links to them:

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As you read these articles, you realize more and more that Whetsel is not the better man for the job. With this in mind, one can only imagine why the Republican Party here in Oklahoma County is not supporting one of their own.

If you are a Republican and you are as outraged about this as I am, here is can be done.

A recent press release about these GOP ties to Democratic candidates call for a public censure of these officials officials that are publicly supporting the Democratic opponent in this race. That is, that can be publicly reprimanded for their behavior which could, in the grand scheme of things, put them on the chopping block for their next election. In fact, these elected officials can be denied any party support in their next campaign.  This press release is calling on the Oklahoma County Republican Party to actively recruit replacements for the positions of County Clerk, County Assessor, County Commissioner, and County Treasurer to replace those that are throwing their hats in the other ring.

Also, any county party official that is found to be publicly supporting Whetsel should be removed from their post. This includes anybody that makes a donation to the Whetsel campaign. This information can be found very easily through the State Ethics Commission.

The time has come for those who urge party loyalty and loyalty to party principles to practice what they preach or get out of Dodge.

Below is a copy of the invitations for the aforementioned Whetsel fundraiser:

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