Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oklahoma GOP Finally Endorses Republican Candidate For Sheriff

A press release was issued last week announcing the support of Darrell Sorrels for Oklahoma County Sheriff. While this endorsement of Darrell is much appreciated, I tend to wonder why it took them until October to announce their endorsement of the ONLY Republican candidate for a local race against a Democratic incumbent.

You can read the press release here: OK County and State GOP Support Sorrels for OK County Sheriff

And here are some excerpts from it:

“Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell and Oklahoma County Republican Chairman released the following statement supporting Darrell Sorrels, Republican candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff….

…the time has come for the State Party to put a greater emphasis on local races around the state. That is why we fully support Darrell Sorrels and his campaign for Oklahoma County Sheriff….

….[Darrell Sorrels] is a man of character who can be trusted to represent and protect the citizens of Oklahoma County……We are proud to have such a qualified and experienced candidate to bring conservative principals to the office of Oklahoma County Sheriff……

…Both the Oklahoma Republican Party and the Oklahoma County Republican Party have pledged to make this race a priority. This race would be tremendous victory for the people of Oklahoma County. Recognizing this, we are 100% committed to Darrell Sorrels and his campaign. This commitment includes finances, resources, volunteers and party support. We are working to make sure our next sheriff is a Republican sheriff………”

I’m appreciative of this endorsement and believe it is a validation of all of the hard work that all of the campaign volunteers have done since this campaign started. I really am.

But still, part of me wonders why it took so long for the Republican Party in Oklahoma County waited until October, and late October at that, to formally endorse THEIR candidate for County Sheriff. I don’t want to say that 2 weeks before the election itself is too little too late but, to me, it seems like the heart of the Oklahoma County Republican Party is not necessarily very sincere about their support.

Remember, this is the same organization that bred people like Leonard Sullivan, Forrest “Butch” Freeman, and other Republican politicians that are actively and publicly supporting the Democratic incumbent, John Whetsel. You can read about that at the previous article that I wrote on this blog, Oklahoma County GOP Supports Democratic Sheriff.

As I said, I appreciate the endorsement but part of me just find it hard to swallow due to the fact that they released this statement of support so late in the game.

Hopefully I’m wrong about them.

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