Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oklahoma State Questions 2012 - Part Three

Here is the final list of State Questions that will appear on the ballot next week and my thoughts on how I will vote on them.

SQ 758 

This is the amendment to the State Constitution that prevents automatic annual increases in property taxes. Essentially, what it really does is reduce the automatic growth rate of property tax from 5% to 3%.


SQ 759

Limits Affirmative Action Programs. This one prohibits preferential treatment in Oklahoma in terms of employment, education, and contracting.

This is a no brainer.


SQ 762

This one eliminates the Governor from the parole process for anyone convicted of a non-violent offense.

I'm all for taking elected officials out of this process.


SQ 764

Allows Oklahoma Water Resources Board to issue bonds. It allows the state to use its bonding authority to make loans to communities that need to borrow money to maintain a high quality of their water resources.

This actually sounds like an adequate function of the government.


SQ 765

Eliminate Oklahoma Public Welfare Commission. While at first glance, I was all for this. Nothing wrong with eliminating a wasteful state government agency. But then I read further into it. It allows for the elimination of this commission so that the legislature can create another agency that will potentially function more efficiently. So essentially, this law would eliminate one bureaucracy and create another.

I'm going to go with NO on this one.

SQ 766

This amendment would eliminate taxes on intangible property such as trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property.

Another no brainer


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