Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Issue - One Obvious Choice

Darrell Sorrels: The Obvious Choice

This is an article that was published this morning by the Red Dirt Report.

It is another article about the race for Oklahoma County Sheriff this year.  The approach in this article is that there is really only one issue that voters needs to concern themselves with in deciding who to vote for this year. That issue is the Oklahoma County jail.

"What is this election really about? What is the defining issue that this election means for the taxpayers of Oklahoma County?

The issue is not the corruption of Sheriff John Whetsel, although he is definitely one of the more corrupt politicians in our county’s government and that alone should deter you from voting for him.

The issue is not a Middle Eastern dentist that has donated thousands of dollars to John Whetsel’s campaign in return for a non-paying position as a reserve officer with the County Sheriff’s office.

The issue is not even the civil rights violations caused by the Sheriff’s office by forcing inmates to help build re-election campaign signs, which is just another example of this corrupt government official that is playing politics even though this election should not be about politics.

There is one issue and one issue only that should steer you which way to vote in this election. That one issue is the jail itself."

Read the entire article here.

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