Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Night Shuffle (10.23.12)

  1. Spooge - Sinkhole (from the album Space Freak)
  2. Uptown Girl - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (from the album Have a Ball)
  3. Let's Hear It For Love - Smoking Popes (from the album Get Fired)
  4. Girlfriend - Matthew Sweet (from the album Girlfriend)
  5. Everything Turns Grey - Agent Orange (from the album Living in Darkness)
  6. Kill Rock Stars - NOFX (from the album So Long And Thanks For All the Shoes)
  7. Coolidge - Descendents (from the album All)
  8. Best Defense - Face to Face (from the album Reactionary)
  9. Safe - Dag Nasty (from the album Wig Out at Denkos)
  10. Jamie - Weezer (from the album Weezer Deluxe Edition)
  11. They Came From the Shadows - Teenage Bottlerocket (from the album They Came From the Shadows)
  12. She's Got Everything - Stephen Egerton (from the album Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton)

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