Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Shuffle (11.23.12)

Interestingly this shuffle does not come from my iPod but from one of my Pandora stations.

  1. I Was On a Mountain - Hot Water Music (from the album Caution)
  2. Private Eye - Alkaline Trio (from the album From Here to Infirmary)
  3. Hopeless Romantic - The Bouncing Souls (from the album Hopeless Romantic)
  4. High Lonesome - The Gaslight Anthem (from the album The '59 Sound)
  5. Elektra - Hot Water Music (from the album Never Ender)
  6. 100K - The Loved Ones (from the album The Loved Ones)
  7. Mainline - Hot Water Music (from the album Exister)
  8. Lights Go Out - Strike Anywhere (from the Exit English) I put a thumbs down on this song on Pandora
  9. Tack - Descendents (from the album Cool To Be You)
  10. What's In a Name? - Face to Face (from the album Shoot the Moon)
  11. Wrong and Righteous - Hot Water Music (from the BYO Split w/Leatherface)
  12. Sadie - Alkaline Trio (from the BYO Split w/One Man Army)

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