Monday, November 19, 2012

No Health Exchanges in Oklahoma

According to a press release issued by Governor Mary Fallin today, Oklahoma will not be taking part in medical exchanges as required by ObamaCare.

According to the press release, she made this decision because PPACA (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare) fails to increase quality and access of health care and places an undue tax burden on the people of Oklahoma. She feels that PPACA is being forced on the American people and that new government bureaucracy does not benefit Oklahoma and its citizens.

Fallin believes that we need to focus on state-based solutions to the health care problem rather than rely on the interference of the federal government.

I could not agree more. I believe that the federal government has failed to fix the issue of health care. I believe that ObamaCare has just made the situation worse as well as causing other problems that are not health care related. I believe that, in general, the federal government has failed to fix many of the problems facing our country today and that the best way to deal with any problem is on a less centralized basis. That is, let the states figure out the best way to deal with a specific problem rather than let some government agency hold meetings and go on fact-finding missions and waste millions of dollars in the process before they even figure out what the problem is to begin with.

The states are better equipped to figure out solutions that are best for its citizens and I think Oklahomans are better suited to fix the problems in Oklahoma. Not the President of the United States.

I have not agreed with much about Mary Fallin but I applaud her for her decision in this particular matter and think she is spot on in her statements.

Way to go Mary!

You can read the full press release here.

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