Thursday, November 29, 2012

The NHL Lockout Solution

ESPN Article: Mediation yields no progress

So the mediator, whom many hockey fans thought would spell the end of the NHL lockout, has failed to broker a deal with the league and the union. After 2 days of meeting with the mediator, a new agreement could not be met. In fact, they are just as far from coming to a deal as they were before the mediation. No differences were resolved and we are no closer to having a hockey season than when the lockout started over 2 months ago.

But I have it all figured out. I know how to fix the labor dispute and bring major league professional hockey back to a reality.

Get rid of the union! I call for the end of the National Hockey League Players Association. There can't be any labor union dispute if there isn't any labor union.

The players want to play hockey so get rid of the union and let them play hockey!

There are rumors that the players are going to vote to decertify the union and try to end the lockout themselves. I'm not sure what this means but if I had to take a guess I would say it means that they don't like the union they already belong to and want to start another, less organized one. Who knows.

Hopefully something will happen soon before the end up cancelling the entire season again.

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