Monday, November 12, 2012

The President's Failure

The following quote comes from the My Two Cents forum on Facebook. It was written by Oklahoma Lefty writer Dave:

"....The single greatest failure of the Obama administration has be the widening divide in this country--not the economy, not the expansion of federal government power, but the nearly insurmountable divide that has grown between the American people. Obama campaigned on bringing people together and he has done just the opposite. He has failed to do what he said he would do, going all the way back to his speech at the 2004 Democratic convention. At this point what this country needs, desperately needs, is healing. People are angry and vilifying each other instead of looking for solutions. I hope that the president realizes how much he has failed the American people and work towards healing the wounds that at this point are getting deeper and deeper every day."

I agree with him in saying that one of Obama's biggest failures as a President has been to unite the country. In his first campaign for President, he spoke of Hope. He has not given us as a country any kind of hope. Personally, I am not sure how in the world he got re-elected as bad a President as he was.

In my opinion, Barack Obama is the single worst President in American history.

This is a President that, due to his re-election, has re-fueled the fire for those proposing secession in several states. Granted, these secession groups have been around for quite some time but the re-election of Barack Obama has been the catalyst for the re-ignition of these groups and the evidence is found in the surge in membership in these groups.

Personally, I completely support the efforts of certain states to secede from the Union. But keep in mind I'm a huge fan and advocate of states rights.

Going back to the point at hand here........Obama's presidency has caused a huge divide in the American people.  In my opinion, that has never been such a powerful division of class in this country. There is a huge mentality of us versus them. This huge division among the American people and among it's socio-economic classes is the cause of Obama's presidency and one of which we might never recover.

So much for that HOPE he promised us.

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