Friday, November 09, 2012

There Is Rugby in Oklahoma?

If you are at all any kind of a rugby fan, you may or may not be surprised to know that Oklahoma City has a rugby team.

They are called the Oklahoma City Crusaders. The Crusaders formed in 2007 and are organized under the Texas Rugby Union.

Their offical name is the Crusaders of Oklahoma Rugby Union Football Club.

For a little background information about their success here is some info about their records:

Overall Record

07-08 Season: 8-2
08-09 Season: 10-1
09-10 Season: 8-2
10-11 Season: 8-3
11-12 Season: 12-2

And here is their current Schedule for 2012-2013 Cup Season:

Oct 20: @ Shreveport L 29-20
Nov 10: Frisco
Dec 1: DARC
Dec 15: @ HURT
Jan 19: Katy
Feb 16: @ Alamo City
Feb 23: BARC
Mar 9: @ DARC
Mar 23: @ Frisco
Ap 6: Shreveport

Make sure you go out and catch a game whether you are a rugby fan or not. If you aren't, watching a real game just might turn you into one.

For more information about the team go here.

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