Monday, November 05, 2012

Why I Support Darrell Sorrels for Oklahoma County Sheriff

I have written and published quite a few articles here on Otter Limits about this year's election for Oklahoma County Sheriff. Below this post I have included links to all of those articles so that you can read more in depth about this election.

Since these articles do go quite in depth about why you should support Darrell Sorrels for Oklahoma County Sheriff, here is, in a nutshell why I support Darrell Sorrels over the incumbent John Whetsel.

It is not because Darrell is a Republican. While I agree that a law enforcement official should not be a partisan race, I also think that the voters are not ready for that. Here in Oklahoma, running as a Republican or Democrat shows the voters a clear cut difference in principles, whether they are running for a state house seat, a seat in Congress, or a spot as Oklahoma County's top law enforcement officer. Does law enforcement have anything to do with politics? Not much. However, party affiliation does show what kind of person you are dealing with. I support Darrell because he supports republican principles. Freedom, 2nd Amendment rights, Less debt, Less government, etc.

I support Darrell because I trust him as a person and I trust him to do a good job as Oklahoma County Sheriff. Darrell is not a politician. Having gotten to know him over this past year working for him, I know that he is not a politician. He is a true public servant. Whetsel, on the other hand, is a politician, no matter what he says to the press. Based on everything I know about the man from several reputable sources (that is, those with no agenda for or against the man) I do not trust him. Not as a person and definitely not as a person that runs the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department. The man is very suspicious and some of his dealings are equally as suspicious.

I support Darrell because I know that he is a man that will stand up to possible federal intervention in Oklahoma County. He is a man that knows what the true power of the Sheriff is and will hold that office respectfully and diligently. Whetsel is the kind of person that is pro big government and will willingly cow tow to anything the federal government tells him to do.

I support Darrell because he is a staunch supporter of 2nd Amendment rights. He supports the concealed carry and open carry efforts in Oklahoma while his opponent, John Whetsel, openly opposed these efforts. Despite what you are hearing in the media about Whetsel's pro-gun stance, do not believe it. He was praised in the media by former President Bill Clinton due to his work to restrict gun rights and his work in opposing the concealed carry law here in Oklahoma.

I support Darrell because he knows we do not need a new $400 million jail in Oklahoma County to fix problems that are due to poor management. A new facility is not going to fix the problems in our county jail if the same people are running it. Darrell has a clear cut and simple way to fix the problems of the jail without raising taxes for Oklahoma County citizens. Whetsel wants to raise your taxes to build a new county jail. Remember, this is a man that circulating a petition several years ago to raise property taxes in Oklahoma so that he could increase his own department's budget. Whetsel is no friend to the taxpayers of Oklahoma.

I support Darrell because he is the right man for the job. Pure and simple.

So when you go vote tomorrow, make sure you vote for the right man for the job. Vote for Darrell Sorrels for Oklahoma County Sheriff!

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  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Just wanted to thank you for your note. Mr. Sorrels will be getting the votes from my family.