Friday, December 07, 2012

Currently Reading: Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick

TITLE: Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick
AUTHOR: Philip K. Dick
PUBLISHER: Pantheon Books

This is another Philip K. Dick book that I picked up at the library last night. This one is a collection of 21 of his most popular stories. Unlike the previous book I posted here Monday (The Variable Man and Other Stories) which is a collection of Dick's earlier work, this collection spans his entire career.

It includes quite a few of his stories that have been adapted into movies. These include Paycheck (which was a good film but had a bad lead actor), Second Variety (which was the basis of the film Screamers), Imposter, Adjustment Team (basis for the 2011 film Adjustment Bureau), The Minority Report (another good film with a bad casting choice for lead actor), and We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (which has spawned not one, but two film adaptations). In fact the only stories to film that I don't see in these books are Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep (the basis for Blade Runner) and A Scanner Darkly.

I'm looking forward to reading this book.

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