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Lucero: Discography of the Moment

Lucero is a Memphis-based alt-country/folk-punk band that formed in 1998 by singer Ben Nichols. The word 'Lucero' means 'bright star' in Spanish. Their music shows influences from artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, The Replacements, The Clash and Against Me. They got their start playing at punk rock shows and spend a lot of time on the road playing songs girls, guitars, life, love, and drinking.

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Lucero Demo
Self-released in 1998
Produced by Lucero
Band lineup:
Ben Nichols - vocals, guitar; Brian Venable - guitar; Jeremy Freeze - bass; Shane Calloway - drums
Tracks: 6
Wish Me Luck. Diamond State Heartbreak. Katherine and Me. Into Your Eyes. All the Same To Me. So Long Tonight.

The Attic Tapes
Self-released in 2000
Produced by Lucero
Band lineup:
Ben Nichols - vocals, guitar; Reiko - violin; Luther Dickinson - steel guitar; Brian Venable - guitar; Roy 
Berry - drums ; John C. Stubblefield (bass)
Tracks:  9
Into Your Eyes. Diamond State Heartbreak. Hello Sadness. Gone To The Sea. Summer Song. In Lonesome Times. A Heart So True. Took The Fall. The Blue And The Gray.

Released in May 2001 by Madjack Records
Produced by Cody Dickinson and Lucero
Band lineup:
John C. Stubblefield - bass; Roy Berry - drums; Brian Venable - guitar; Ben Nichols - vocals, guitar
Tracks: 14
Little Silver Heart. My Best Girl. Wandering Star. A Dangerous Thing. Drink Til We're Gone. Raising Hell. Banks of the Arkansas. All Sewn Up. Wasted. Hold Fast. Better Than This. All These Love Songs. No Roses No More. It Gets Worst at Night.

Released in September 2002 by Madjack
Produced by Cody Dickinson
Band lineup:
Brian Venable - guitar; Ben Nichols - vocals, guitar; John C. Stubblefield - bass; Roy Berry - drums
Tracks: 13
Sweet Little Thing. Slow Dancing. Nights Like These. Ain't So Lonely. Old Sad Songs. Chain Link Fence. Fistful of Tears. The Last Song. When You're Gone. I'll Just Fall. Here at the Starlite. Darby's Song. Into Your Eyes.

That Much Further West
Released in September 2003 by Tiger Style Records
Produced by Lucero
Band lineup changes:
Brian Venable was replaced on guitar by Todd Gill
Tracks: 12
That Much Further West. Mine Tonight. Sad and Lonely. Across the River. The Only One. Hate and Jealousy. Joining the Army. Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good. Tears Don't Matter Much. Coming Home. When You Decided to Leave. That Much Further West (Demo Version).

Nobody's Darlings
Released in March 2005 by Liberty & Lament Records
Produced by Jim Dickinson
Band lineup changes:
Brian Venable returned on guitar
Tracks: 12
Watch it Burn. Anjalee. Bikeriders. Sixteen. Nobodys Darlings. And We Fell. California. Noon as Dark as
Midnight. Hold Me Close. Last Night in Town. All the Same to Me. The War.

Dreaming in America
Live album released in October 2005 by Liberty & Lament
Tracks: 14
Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good. Kiss the Bottle. Sixteen. Nights Like These. And We Fell. No Roses No More. California. Hearts on Fire. Sweet Little Thing. In Lonesome Times. Hold Fast. Tears Don't Matter Much. Crystal Blue. The War.

The Attic Tapes Comp
Compilation album released in 2006 by Liberty & Lament
Various producers
Various lineups
Tracks: 14

Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers
Released in September 2006 by Liberty & Lament
Produced by Lucero
No band lineup changes
Tracks: 12
What Else Would You Have Me Be? I Don't Wanna Be the One. San Francisco. I Can Get Us Out Of Here. Nineteen Seventy-Nine. Cass. The Mountain. Sing Me No Hymns. The Weight of Guilt. She's Just That Kind of Girl. On the Way Back Home. She Wakes When She Dreams.

1372 Overton Park
Released in October 2009 by Universal Republic Records
Produced by Ted Hutt
Band lineup changes:
Rick Steff added on piano; Todd Beene added on steel guitar
Tracks: 12
Smoke. What Are You Willing to Lose? Sounds of the City. Can't Feel a Thing. The Devil and Maggie Chascarillo. Sixes and Sevens. Goodbye Again. Johnny Davis. Darken My Door. Halfway Wrong. Hey Darling Do You Gamble? Mom.

Women & Work
Released in March 2012 by ATO Records
Produced by Lucero
No band lineup changes
Tracks: 11
Downtown. On My Way Downtown. Women & Work. It May Be Too Late. Juniper. Who You Waiting On? I Can't Stand to Leave You. When I Was Young. Sometimes. Like Lightning. Go Easy.

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