Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Shuffle (12.23.12)

  1. Brag, Exaggerate & Lie - Pennywise (from the album Reason to Believe)
  2. The System - The Black Pacific (from the album The Black Pacific)
  3. Birdhouse in Your Soul - They Might Be Giants (from the album Flood)
  4. Michelle - The Beatles (from the album Rubber Soul)
  5. Great Expectations - The Gaslight Anthem (from the album The '59 Sound)
  6. Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode (from the album Violator)
  7. Jet City Woman - Queensryche (from the album Empire)
  8. The Sinking Ship - Smoke or Fire (from the album The Sinking Ship)
  9. This Conversation is Over - Acceptance (from the album Phantoms)
  10. Everything's Your Fault - Face to Face (from the album Face to Face)
  11. 50th and Western - Red City Radio (from the album The Dangers of Standing Still)
  12. Alive - Pearl Jam (from the album Ten)

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