Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sunday Night Shuffle (12.9.12)

  1. Old Haunts - The Gaslight Anthem (from the album American Slang)
  2. Pride - Hudson Falcons  (from the album Desperation and Revolution)
  3. Answering Machine - The Replacements  (from the album Let It Be)
  4. Footprints On My Ceiling - Social Distortion  (from the album Sex, Love and Rock N Roll)
  5. Godspeed - Anberlin  (from the album Cities)
  6. Girl Eyes - Eve 6  (from the album Horrorscope)
  7. My Wave - Soundgarden  (from the album Superunknown)
  8. Ruin My Night - John Moreland & The Black Gold Band  (from the album Things I Can't Control)
  9. Just Perfect - All  (from the album Allroy for Prez)

1 comment:

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