Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Currently Reading: Welcome Back Frank

TITLE:  The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank

AUTHOR:  Garth Ennis (illustrated by Steve Dillon)

PUBLISHER:  Marvel Comics/Marvel Knights

YEAR PUBLISHED:  2008 (originally published as single issues in 2000 and 2001)

I'm not really sure why I'm still calling these posts "Currently Reading" considering in most cases I have already read the books. Maybe someday I'll figure out a better title for them. Who knows.

Anyway, I've always been a big Punisher fan. When Garth Ennis brought him back in 2000 I was pretty happy. When the comics that were compiled in this trade paperback were originally published, I bought them and read them and loved them.  A few weeks ago I started reading a new Punisher limited series called Nightmare and started thinking about how good the Garth Ennis Punisher stuff was and decided to order a copy of this TPB from Amazon.  It came in last night and I read through the entire thing before going to bed.

I had forgotten how much stuff from this storyline was borrowed for the 2004 Thomas Jane Punisher movie. Specifically the characters of Spacker Dave, Bumpo and Joan the Mouse.

Anyway, this is a great story and definitely worth a read for any Punisher fans out there. Or any fans that have never read his stuff this is a great starting point.

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