Monday, January 21, 2013

Top 13 Bad Religion Songs

Here is another edition of my "13" lists. This one is a list of my Top 13 Favorite Bad Religion songs.  Their newest album, True North, will be released tomorrow.  This one is listed in descending order of preference (#1 favorite song is #1, #2 favorite song is #2 and so on). Listed in parentheses is the album the song was released on and the year it was released.

Enjoy it!

1.  I Want to Conquer the World (No Control - 1989)
2.  Marked (Stranger Than Fiction - 1994)
3.  New Dark Ages (New Maps of Hell - 2007)
4.  Los Angeles is Burning (The Empire Strikes First - 2004)
5.  American Jesus (Recipe for Hate - 1993)
6.  In So Many Ways (No Substance - 1998)
7.  Pride and the Pallor (The Dissent of Man - 2010)
8.  Struck a Nerve (Recipe for Hate - 1993)
9.  Drunk Sincerity (The Gray Race - 1996)
10.  Do What You Want (Suffer - 1988)
11.  Sorrow (The Process of Belief - 2002)
12.  Along the Way (Back to the Known - 1985)
13.  Fuck Armageddon...This is Hell (How Could Hell Be Any Worse - 1982)


  1. Here are my favorite Bad Religion songs, in no particular order--
    1. "No Control" (No Control)
    2. "We're Only Gonna Die" (How Could Hell Be Any Worse?)
    3. "Struck a Nerve" (Recipe for Hate)
    4. "Los Angeles is Burning" (The Empire Strikes First)
    5. "Stranger Than Fiction" (Stranger Than Fiction)
    6. "American Jesus" (Recipe for Hate)
    7. "Do What You Want" (Suffer)
    8. "What Can You Do" (Suffer)
    9. "Against the Grain" (Against the Grain)
    10. "Incomplete" (Stranger Than Fiction)

  2. I find it hard to believe that "I Want to Conquer the World" is not on your list.

  3. Off the top of my head I can't remember what that song sounds like.