Friday, January 04, 2013

Top 13 Dropkick Murphys Songs

Today I'm posting my second "13" post (see Top 13 Bands).

This one is a list of my Top 13 Favorite Dropkick Murphy's songs. Here they are listed in alphabetically order:

  1. Boys on the Docks (Released on Do or Die in 1998)
  2. Captain Kelly's Kitchen (Released on The Warriors Code in 2005)
  3. Caught in a Jar (Released on Do or Die in 1998)
  4. Fields of Athenry (Released on Blackout in 2003)
  5. Flannigan's Ball (Released on The Meanest of Times in 2007)
  6. God Willing (Released on The Meanest of Times in 2007)
  7. I'm Shipping Up to Boston (Released on The Warriors Code in  2005)
  8. Peg O My Heart (Released on Going Out in Style in 2011)
  9. Tessie (Released on the Tessie EP in 2004)
  10. The Dirty Glass (Released on Blackout in 2003)
  11. The Warriors Code (Released on The Warriors Code in 2005)
  12. Walk Away (Released on Blackout in 2003)
  13. Which Side Are You On? (Released on Sing Loud, Sing Proud in 2001)

As an added bonus to this post, here is a timeline I put together of the band:

1996:  Formed in East Milton, Massachusetts.
1996:  Release a split 7" with Ducky Boys in July.
1997:  Jeff Erna leaves the band and is replaced by Matt Kelly.
1997:  Release the Boys on the Docks EP in July.
1997:  Opens for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on their Let's Face It tour.
1997:  Release a split 7" with The Bruisers in September.
1997:  Release a split 7" with Anti-Heros in November.
1998:  Release their debut album, Do or Die in January.
1998:  Mike McGolgan leaves the band and is replaced by Al Barr.
1998:  Release compilation The Early Years in Europe.
1998:  Release a split 7" with Oxymoron in July.
1999:  Release 2nd album, The Gang's All Here in March.
1999:  Release the Unity split EP in December with Agnostic Front.
1999:  Release split 7" with The Business in December.
2000:  Release split album Mob Mentality in May with The Business.
2000:  Release compilation album The Singles Collection in May.
2000:  Rick Barton leaves the band and is replaced by James Lynch and Marc Orrell.
2000:  Ryan Foltz and Spicy McHaggis are added to the band as well.
2000:  Release split 7" with Poor Excuse in August.
2001:  Release third album Sing Loud, Sing Proud in February.
2002:  Release split 7" with Face to Face in February .
2002:  Release live album Live on St. Patricks Day in September.
2003:  Spicy McHaggis leaves the band and is replaced by Scruffy Wallace.
2003:  Ryan Foltz leaves the band and is replaced by Tim Brennan.
2003:  Release Blackout album in June.
2004:  Release DVD On the Road with the Dropkick Murphys in March.
2004:  Release Tessie EP in August.
2004:  Release split 7" with The Vandals.
2005:  Release Singles Collection Volume 2 in March.
2005:  Release 5th studio album The Warriors Code in June.
2007:  Release The Meanest of Times album in September.
2008:  Marc Orrell leaves the band and is replaced by Tim Brennan.
2008:  Jeff DaRosa is added to band to take over Brennan's former piano duties.
2010:  Release live album Live on Lansdowne in March.
2011:  Release 7th studio album Going Out in Style in March.
2012:  Release live album Going Out in Style: Fenway Park in March.
2013:  Release scheduled for studio album Signed and Sealed in Blood for January 8.


  1. Am I the only person that really doesn't like the song "I'm Shipping Up to Boston?"

    Right before The Gang's All Here was released, they put out the Curse of a Fallen Soul 7 inch. It actually came out before the split with Oxymoron and was the first release with Al Barr on vocals. Two of the songs on the Curse... EP were on The Gang's All Here (the title track and "Going Strong"), though both were re-recorded for the album (and I actually preferred the EP version of "Curse of a Fallen Soul"). The song "The Legend Of Finn MacCumhail" was then on Sing Loud, Sing Proud.

  2. I wonder if you don't like it because it has been over-played or if you just don't like the song itself.

  3. I'm sure that has something to do with it, but even when I first got The Warrior's Code, I thought it was the weakest song on the record. I guess part of me just doesn't understand why that song was their hit and not any of the others.