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Chuck Ragan: Discography of the Moment

Chuck Ragan is a singer/songwriter that was Born in October 1974. He was one of the leader singers for the Gainseville-based rock band Hot Water Music. He has done numerous folk punk recordings which is the focus of this discography.

Here are some links where you can read about him:

Official Chuck Ragan website
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Live at the Troubadour
Live album independently released in 2006
Tracks:  15
Do What You Do. Sound of a Gun. The Boat. It's What You Will. Chuck Talks to Audience. Chuck Talks to Audience some more. Symmetry. Valentine. Chuck Cheers the Audience. The Grove. Chuck Talks Some More. From Broken Ears. California Burritos. Applause. More Applause.

Los Feliz
Live album released in 2007 by SideOneDummy Records
Produced by Joe Gittleman
Tracks: 14
Open Up and Wail. The Boat. Do You Pray? Valentine. Congratulations Joe. God Deciding. Fixin to Die. Symmetry. Dream of a Miner's Child. It's What You Will. For Broken Ears. California Burritos. Between the Lines. Dream of a Miner's Child.

The Blueprint Sessions
Released in May 2007 by No Idea Records
Produced by Austin Lucas, Chuck Ragan and Mitchell Townsend
Tracks: 16
The Boat. For Broken Ears. It's What You Will. Symmetry. Valentine. Do What You Do. Do You Pray? Congratulations Joe. The Grove. Above the Flames. Open Up and Wail. Sound of a Gun. Trenchfoot. Done and Done. Hearts of Stone. Hold My Bed.

Open Up and Wail
Split EP released in May 2007 by No Idea Records
This was a split release with Trenchfoot.
Tracks: 4
Open Up and Wail. Sound of a Gun. Trenchfoot. Done and Done.

Feast or Famine
Released in August 2007 by SideOneDummy
Produced by Ted Hutt and Ryan Mall
Tracks: 12
The Boat. For Broken Ears. California Burritos. Geraldine. It's What You Will. Do You Pray? Don't Cry. Symmetry. Between the Lines. Hearts of Stone. The Grove. Do What You Do.

Work in the Bank
Released in 2007 by Hometown Caravan
Tracks: 3
Angel Band. Wreck if the Old 97. Hold My Bed.

Revival Road 2008
Live album released in 2008 by Suburban Home Records
This is a split album with Ben Nichols and Tim Barry
Produced by Lance Koehler
Tracks: 8
South Hill. Last Pale Light in the West. Wash My Feet in the Waves. 222. Times They Are a Changing. Last Night in Town. Dream of a Miner's Child. Chambers.

Bristle Ridge
Split album released in May 2008 by Ten Four Records
This was a split album with Austin Lucas
Tracks: 12
Blood Shells. Bells. Cold Night. Hold My Bed. Simple Life. Sun or Snow. Darling Corey. Distant Land to Roam. Sin. Heading Down. The Light. Judgement Day.

Gold Country
Released in September 2009 by SideOneDummy
Produced by Chuck Ragan
Tracks: 13
For Goodness Sake. Glory. Rotterdam. Done and Done. The Trench. Don't Say a Word. 10 West. 10 Diesel. Cut Em Down. Let It Rain. Good Enough for Rock and Roll. Get Em All Home. Fire.

Live at Hafenkneipe Zurich
Live album released in 2009 by Leech Records
Tracks: 12
Between the Lines. Don't Cry. Blackberry Blossom. Wash My Feet in the Waves. Coal Tattoo. Geraldine. Do What You Do. Rotterdam. Old Rules. Revival Road. Cut em Down. Cold Night.

Chuck Ragan / Anderson Family Bluegrass
Split album released in 2009 by Ten Four Records
Tracks: 5
Revival Road. In the Clouds. Live by the Sword. Middle of the Field. Larcena.

Chuck Plays FrankfurtLive album released in 2009 by Yuma River Conspiracy
Tracks: 23
Done and Done. It's What You Will. For Broken Ears. Do You Pray? Open Up and Wail. Ole Diesel. Fixin to Die. Symmetry. Valentine. God Deciding. Congratulations Joe. Dream of a Miners Child. Cursing Concrete. The World Turned Upside Down. The Boat. California Burritos. Hold My Bed. Geraldine. Bleeder. Soldiers Requiem. Audience. Saturn in Crosshairs. Will the Circle Be Unbroken.

Live From Rock Island: The Daytrotter Sessions
Released in December 2009 by SideOneDummy
Tracks: 7
Welcome to Daytrotter. Between the Lines. Cut Em Down. Glory. Symmetry. Coal Tattoo. Done and Done.

Split with Darren Gibson
Split album released in 2010 by Poison City Records
Tracks: 6
This Company. Wash My Feet in the Waves. Call Out the Cavalry. Don't Hold Back the Ridicule. Tom and Gracie. The Boat.

Live at Cafe Du Nord
Live album released in February 2011 by Ten Four Records
Tracks: 15
Fixin to Die. Do You Pray? It's What You Will. Open the Roads. Rotterdam. Geraldine. Geraldine. Don't Cry. The Trench. Open Up and Wail. Wash My Feet in the Waves. Symmetry. Cut Em Down. Between the Lines. The Boat. California Burritos.

Covering Ground
Released in 2011 by SideOneDummy
Tracks: 10
Nothing Left to Prove. Nomad By Fate. You Get What You Give. Wish on the Moon. Come Around. Seems We're Ok. Valentine. Right as Rain. Meet You in the Middle. Lost and Found.

Chuck Ragan / Sam Russo / Jimmy Islip / Helen Chambers
Split album released in 2011 by Specialist Subject Records
Tracks: 12
Steven Patrick. This Company. Not Superstitious. Letting Go. Tinned Peaches and Diamond Rings. Rattling Keys. 1990. Big Heart. Fortune Teller. Biding My Time. Paper and Glue. Speak Your Name.

Revival Tour 2011
Live album released in 2011 by Ten Four Records.
This is a split album with Brian Fallon, Dave Hause, and Dan Andriano.
Various producers.
Tracks: 8
No Weather. Hollow Sounds. Prague. On the Bow. Goodnight Irene. Me and Denver. Pray for Tucson. Bedroll Lullaby.

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