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The Stooges: Discography of the Moment

The Stooges are a rock band that formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1967. The Stooges are considered one of the precursors to, and a huge influence to, punk rock. They were indcuted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

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The Stooges
Released in August 1969 by Elektra Records.
Produced by John Cale.
Band lineup:
Iggy Pop - vocals; Dave Alexander - bass; Ron Asheton - guitar; Scott Asheton - drums
Tracks: 11
1969. I Wanna Be Your Dog. We Will Fall. No Fun. Real Cool Time. Ann. Not Right. Little Doll.
This album reached #106 on the US Billboard 200 Album Chart.

Fun House
Released in July 1970 by Elektra.
Produced by Don Gallucci.
No band lineup changes.
Tracks: 12
Down on the Street. Loose. TV Eye. Dirt. 1970. Fun House. LA Blues.

Raw Power
Released in February 1973 by Columbia Records.
Produced by Iggy Pop and David Bowie.
Band lineup changes:
Dave Alexander left the band and Ron Asheton took over on bass while newcomer James Williamson took over guitar duties.
Tracks: 8
Search and Destroy. Gimme Danger. Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. Penetration. Raw Power. I Need Somebody. Shake Appeal. Death Trip.
This album was ranked #125 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Metallica KO
Live album released in 1976 by Skydog Records.
Produced by Iggy Pop.
No band linup changes.
Tracks: 6
Raw Power. Head On. Gimme Danger. Rich Bitch. Cock in My Pocket. Louie Louie.

Open Up and Bleed
Live album released in 1995 by Bomp! Records.
Produced by Iggy Pop.
No band linup changes.
Tracks: 23
Rubber Legs. Open Up and Bleed. Johanna. Cock in My Pocket. Head On. Cry for Me. Rich Bitch. Wet My Bed. I Got Nothing. Heavy Liquid/New Orleans. She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills. Rubber Legs 2. Death Trip. Head On. Rubber Legs. Radio Advertisement. Raw Power. I'm a Man. Ballad of Hollis Brown. Open Up and Bleed. Johanna. Purple Haze. I'm So Glad.

1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions
Box set released in 1999 by Rhino.
Produced by Don Gallucci and Roland Worthington.
Tracks: 142 (on 7 CDs)

Telluric Chaos
Live album released in May 2005 by Skydog.
Produced by The Stooges.
Band lineup changes:
James Williamson was replaced on bass by Mike Watt.
Tracks: 17
Loose. Down on the Street. 1969. I Wanna Be Your Dog. TV Eye. Dirt. Real Cool Time. No Fun. 1970. Fun House/LA Blues. Skull Ring. Dead Rock Star. Little Electric Chair. Little Doll. My Idea of Fun. I Wanna Be Your Dog. Not Right.

Heavy Liquid
Box set released in 2005 by Easy Action Records.
Various producers.
Tracks: 57 (on 6 CDs)

The Weirdness
Released in March 2007 by Virgin Records.
Produced by Steve Albini.
No band lineup changes.
Tracks: 16
Trollin. You Can't Have Friends. ATM. My Idea of Fun. The Weirdness. Free & Freaky. Greedy Awful People. She Took My Money. The End of Christianity. Mexican Guy. Passing Cloud. I'm Fried. O Solo Mio. Claustrophobia. I Wanna Be Your Man. Sounds of Leather.

You Don't Want My Name You Want My Action
Compilation album released in September 2009 by Easy Action.
Various producers.
Tracks: 28 (on 4 CDs)

Raw Power Live
Live album released in April 2011 by Virgin.
Produced by The Stooges.
No band lineup changes.
Tracks: 9
Raw Power. Search and Destroy. Gimme Danger. Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. Shake Appeal. I Need Somebody. Penetration. Death Trip. I Got A Right.

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