Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Time To Get Back in the Fray: OK County Politics

It has been quite some time since I have written a political post on this blog. It may seem to some that my absence from politics lately is a sign that I have lost interest. This is not the case so I don't want anybody to think that I have abandoned my politically-minded readers.

I have to admit that since the November election I have been largely absent from politics in general. I felt like I needed a break for a while. But I don't want anybody to think that I have abandoned the cause. It was just a break.

That being said, it is time for us to get somewhat active again, especially in local politics.

The Republican Party is about to hold its county elections in the next few weeks. Elections for party officers that is.

The fact is that the Republican Party, even here in Oklahoma, is on the wrong track. The November elections proved that in a big way. The GOP nominated a person for President that largely similar to the incumbent. Elements within the GOP here in Oklahoma County helped elect a globalist, Democratic Sheriff over a Republican, liberty-minded, candidate. The GOP has gotten away from its basic principle of limited government and liberty. This needs to be changed. A change in leadership from the bottom up needs to happen. We need liberty-minded leadership in the Republican Party, especially here in Oklahoma and especially here in Oklahoma County. We need leadership that is going to welcome liberty-minded individuals that are new to politics and are stranded in the political woods with open arms instead of leadership that turns those people away, forcing them to withdraw from politics completely because they have found no where to go.

Bottom line. New leadership in the Oklahoma County GOP is sorely needed and there is somebody out there that is willing and up to the challenge of taking over a Republican Party that is desperate for fresh ideas and a new direction.

That person is Steve Dickson. He is running for the office of Chair of the Oklahoma County Republican Party and I fully support him in his campaign for this office.

Steve has said that "political parties are a tool to win elections..." and that "they are only as good or bad as the people who populate the elected positions within them."

According to Steve:
"Big government is not compatible with liberty. The GOP platform is excellent in this regard - but those in office fall short of this standard. A well organized and active base will help in both recruiting candidates who support the platform and educating those already in office about the wishes of the Party."

Steve is the man that will help grow the population of liberty-minded individuals within the Party. He is one of the few political activists in Oklahoma that I really admire and look up to and go to for advice in matters of politics. Steve will be a welcome change to a Republican Party in Oklahoma that has more or less turned itself into something that is almost indistinguishable from the Democratic Party.

If you are involved at all in local politics and want to see a change in the party that is supposed to stand for liberty and limited government, then I urge you to attend the Oklahoma County convention on March 23rd and if you are eligible to vote, then make sure that you vote for Steve Dickson for County Chair!

You can find out more about Steve at the following websites:

Steve's Blog
Steve's Facebook Page
Steve's Campaign Facebook Page
Steve's Google Plus Page

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