Friday, March 08, 2013

How Would I Fix the Budget?

My good friend Dave (aka Nubs, aka Lefty) and I were having a discussion this morning and he mentioned that I should write a post about how I would address the federal budget. Now keep in mind that I am no economist and personally have a hard time balancing my own household budget most of the time so I’m probably not the right person to discuss this but I figured I would make a go at it and throw out a few ideas. So here are some of my thoughts on how I would attempt to repair the federal budget.

First, I would limit the number of military installations we have overseas. For instance, we do not need a dozen or more army and air force bases in Europe. What are we doing in Europe anyway? Get ‘em out of there! At least most of them. Same with Japan. We have like 4 or 5 military bases in Japan, and that’s just on the mainland. We don’t need them there. Get ‘em out. With the advanced technology we have these days in regards to aircraft, we can easily dispatch our planes to the heat of battle if need be without having to have our military personnel and equipment spread out all over the world.

Second, I would severely limit the amount of federal aid that our country hands out. Our country is darn near in a depression yet we are still giving billions of dollars to other countries? What kind of sense does that make?

Third, I would cut off lifetime pensions for Senators and Congressmen. It is completely ridiculous that a person can get elected to do a job, leaves the job after only 2 years and then gets a pension check for the rest of his life. For only doing 2 years worth of work? Again, what kind of sense does that make? These people were elected to a public office which means they were there to be a public servant. Once they get elected they need to do their job, get paid for that job, and once they are done, go back to the real world and get a real job. Forget some lifelong retirement check. Personally, I would say the same about the President as well. Former Presidents spend the rest of their lives on the lecture circuit making millions of dollars to talk to various groups of people and make millions of dollars in book deals and what not. They definitely don’t need a lifetime pension.

I really think these three items are a good start at repairing the federal budget.

I’m sure more ideas will come to mind and I will probably write up some posts on them as the ideas come but these are good for now.

I leave you with this picture.....

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