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Off With Their Heads: Discography of the Moment

Off With The Heads is a punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They formed in 2002.

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Fine Tuning The Bender
Released in July 2003 by Redemption Value Records.
Produced by Jacques Wait.
Band lineup:
Ryan Young - vocals, guitar; Mike Rose - guitar; Justin Francis - bass; Erik Siljander - drums
Tracks: 2
I Hope You All Die. Fine-Tuning the Bender.

To Hell With This and All Of You
Released in December 2004 by Redemption Value
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 4
Fuck You You T-Shirt Necktie Wearing Mother Fucker. Bar Close & West Bank Bridge. Pills in the Lobby. Don't Laugh I'm Serious.

High Five for the Rapture
Released in 2006 by Fashionable Idiots Records.
Produced by Chris Weiss.
Lineup changes:
Paddy Costello replaced Justin Francis on bass; Justin Francis replaced Erik Siljander on drums; Zach Gontard replaced Mike Rose on guitar.
Tracks: 3
That Must Be Nigel with the Bre. Sleeping in Carrie's Car. The Beijing Cocktail.

Art of the Underground
Released in 2006 by Art of the Underground Records.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 2
Please Don't Call the Cops on Me. Big Mouth.

Released in 2006 by Rock Bottom Records.
Produced by Erik Siljander.
Lineup changes:
Nate Gangelhoff replaced Paddy Costello on bass.
Tracks: 8
Die Today. Theme Song. SoS. Your Child is Dead. Idiot. Hard to Admit. Heroin in NYC. Jackie Lee.

Grin and Bear It
Split released in October 2006 by 1-2-3-4 Go! Records
Split with J Church
Tracks: 4 (total) 2 (OWTH)
Five Across the Eyes. Janie.

Split released in 2007 by Snuffy Smile Records
Split with Blotto
Tracks: 4 (total) 2 (OWTH)
Havenhurst. Why'd You Care?

Split released in 2007 by Snuff Smile Records
Split with Practice
Tracks: 4 (total) 2 (OWTH)
I Am You. Fuck This I'm Out.

Split released in 2007 by Fast Crowd Records
Split with Titlwheel
Tracks: 4 (total) 2 (OWTH)
Closed Early. Aqua Panther.

All Things Move Toward Their End
Compilation album released in August 2007 by No Idea Records.
Tracks: 14
Janie. Five Across the Eyes. Call the Cops. Big Mouth. That Must Be Nigel with the Brie. Sleeping in Carries Car. The Beijing Cocktail. Closed Early. Goddamn Job. Fuck You You T-Shirt Necktie Wearing Motherfucker. Bar Close and The West Bank Bridge. Horse Pills and the Apartment Lobby. Don't Laugh I'm Totally Serious. Sadie.

OWTH/Dukes of Hillsborough
Split released in 2007 by ADD Records.
Split with Dukes of Hillsborough.
Tracks: 4 (total) 2 (OWTH)
I Hate My Stupid Ass and I Hope I Get in a Car Accident Tonight. Why Can't I Let You Go?

Small Pool Records 4 Way Split
Split released in 2007 by Small Pool Records.
Split with No People, Underground Railroad to Candyland, and Drinkers Purgatory.
Tracks: 15 (total) 3 (OWTH)
I May Be a Lot of Shitty Things But At Least I'm Not a Rapist Like You. My Everyday Life. Die Young.

OWTH/The Measure
Split released in October 2007 by Chunksaah Records.
Split with The Measure.
Tracks: 4 (total) 2 (OWTH)
With You. Just Want You to Know.

One For the Road
Split released in October 2007 by No Idea Records
Split with Four Letter Word
Tracks: 4 (total) 2 (OWTH)
For the Four. At Least I Know.

From the Bottom
Released in August 2008 by No Idea.
Produced by Jacques Wait and OWTH.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 12
I Am You. Wrong. 1612 Havenhurst. Go On Git Now. Until the Day. Keep Falling Down. Terrorist Attack. Self Checkout. Fuck This I'm Out. For the Four. Ten Years Trouble. I Hope You Know.

OWTH/Dear Landlord
Split released in October 2008 by No Idea Records.
Split with Dear Landlord.
Tracks: 4 (total) 2 (OWTH)
Shambles. Splendid Isolation.

Insubordination Fest
Live album released in 2009 by Insubordination Records.
Your Child is Dead. Janie. That Must Be Nigel with the Brie. Fuck This I'm Out. Hard to Admit. Closed Early. Die Today. Go On Git now. SOS.

Live at the Atlantic
Live EP released in 2009.
Tracks: 2
I Am You. Go On Git Now.

Under the Influence
Split released in 2009 by Suburban Home Records.
Split with Lemuria.
Tracks: 2 (total) 1 (OWTH)
Scarred by Love.

Split released in May 2010 by No Idea Records.
Split with Detournement.
Tracks: 4 (total) 2 (OWTH)
Listerine. Princess.

In Desolation
Released in June 2010 by Epitaph Records.
Produced by Jacques Wait.
Lineup changes:
Robbie Smartwood replaced Nate Gangelhoff on bass.
Tracks: 12
Drive. Their Own Medicine. Trying to Breathe. ZZYZX. The Eyes of Death. Old Man. All I Can Do. I Need You. Spare Time. I Just Want You to Know. My Episodes. Clear the Air.

Trying to Breathe
Released in June 2010 by Epitaph.
Produced by Jacques Wait and OWTH.
Tracks: 2
Trying to Breathe. I May Be a Lot of Shitty Things But At Least I'm Not a Rapist Like You.

I Will Follow You
Released in 2010 by Pirates Press Records.
Produced by Jacques Wait.
Tracks: 3
I Will Follow You. Drain/East River Park. Janie (live).

Another Wrong/Field Of Darkness.
Split released in October 2010 by No Idea Records.
Split with No Friends.
Tracks: 2 (total) 1 (OWTH)
Field of Darkness.

OWTH/Riverboat Gamblers/Dead To Me
Split released in July 2011 by Fat Wreck Chords.
Tracks: 3 (total) 1 (OWTH)
Spare Time.

My America!
Split released in August 2011 by Crustacean Records.
Split with Torch the Spires/POS/20 Dollar Move.
Tracks: 4 (total) 1 (OWTH)

Never Run/Legacy You
Split released in Dec 2011 by Drunken Sailor Records.
Split with Discharge.
Tracks: 2 (total) 1 (OWTH)
Never Run.

Released in March 2013 by Epitaph.
Produced by Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore.
Band lineup:
Ryan Young - vocals, guitar; Robbie Smartwood - bass; Justin Francis - drums; Zach Gontard - guitar
Tracks: 11
Start Walking. Shirts. Nightlife. Focus on Your Own Family. Altar Boy. Don't Make Me Go. Come Find Me. Janie. Seek Advice Elsewhere. Always Alone. Stolen Away. Take Me Out.


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Shit's cool. Few little corrections though.
    Paddy played bass on the Art of the Underground single, which was released in 2006, not 2008.
    The Tiltwheel split 7" was also 2006.
    The split 7" with Dear Landlord was '07, not '08.

    And I don't know if this is supposed to be a complete discography or not, but...
    In 2007, they contributed "Goddamn Job" to the "We'll Inherit the Earth" compilation on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records.
    In 2009, they contributed "Headlights Ditch" to the "Let Them Know" compilation on BYO Records.
    In 2010, they contributed "Next in Line" to the "Untitled 21" compilation on Red Scare.

    And, in 2003, they had a CD-R, which may or may not be called "The 'Choose Your Own Title' Album." That could just be a dumb internet name that got stuck to it. I don't remember how many songs, but (I think) that everything on it got released/re-recorded later, with the exception of one song called "Gargoyles on the Skyline."

  2. I generally don't include albums where the band is one of many and has only contributed one song to the release. For instance, if an OWTH song were to ever end up on a Punk-O-Rama compilation, it would not be included on this list. Most of the time, I rarely even include split releases with other bands but from time to time I will. I chose to include them with this particular band.

  3. Anyone know if there's a zip file out there with all the "Split" songs on it? I've been looking for a lot of these songs for the past week. I found some on Itunes but some I can't find anywhere.

  4. Anonymous11:50 AM

    anyone know where can I find a rar or zip file of the split with the measure (sa)?

  5. I love their track on the split with Discharge