Monday, March 25, 2013

OK County GOP Condemns Republican Whetsel Supporters!

As stated in today's earlier post, OK County GOP Convention Re-Cap, a resolution was passed that condemned the Republican elected officials that publicly supported the Democratic candidate for OK County Sheriff, John Whetsel, with both their endorsement and their pocketbooks.

Below is the press release announcing the passage of this resolution and the text of the resolution itself:

OKLAHOMA CITY, March 25, 2013
Oklahoma County Republican Party passes censure resolution against four Republican elected county officials for their public support of Sheriff Whetsel's re-election campaign.
Saturday's Oklahoma County Republican Convention saw the presentation and passage of a resolution to censure four Republican County elected officials, County Treasurer Butch Freeman, County Assessor Leonard Sullivan, County Commissioner Ray Vaughn, and County Court Clerk Tim Rhodes, for their support of the Democrat Sheriff John Whetsel's re-election against Republican candidate Darrell Sorrels. The text of the resolution appears below.
WHEREAS, the Democrat Sheriff John Whetsel is widely known to have worked for years to undermine the liberties of the people of Oklahoma County and has discharged his duties as Sheriff in an unacceptable manner; and
WHEREAS, seeking for many years to liberate the people of Oklahoma County from the incompetence of Sheriff Whetsel, the Republican Party nominated Darrell Sorrels their candidate to challenge Whetsel for the office of Oklahoma County Sheriff; and
WHEREAS, certain Republicans who were at the time elected officials of Oklahoma County nevertheless publicly supported the re-election of the Democrat John Whetsel against the Republican candidate Darrell Sorrels, namely:
Oklahoma County Treasurer Butch Freeman,
Oklahoma County Assessor Leonard Sullivan,
Oklahoma County Commissioner Ray Vaughn, and
Oklahoma County Court Clerk Tim Rhodes; therefore be it
RESOLVED, the Republican Party of Oklahoma County, in convention assembled, hereby formally denounces and condemns the public support given to the Democrat candidate for County Sheriff, in opposition to the Republican candidate, by said Republican officeholders Freeman, Sullivan, Vaughn, and Rhodes, and be it further
RESOLVED, as such support is unbecoming Republican officeholders and is offensive to the principles of the Republican Party, the Republican Party of Oklahoma County, in convention assembled, hereby adjures all elected Republican Party officials to maintain the integrity of the title “Republican” and discourage such future behavior by withholding material support to the aforementioned offenders until their next election following the adjournment of this convention shall have passed.
Passed in convention this 23rd day of March, 2013

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