Monday, March 25, 2013

OK County GOP Convention Re-Cap

This past Saturday I attended the Oklahoma County GOP Convention. Attendance was not down near as much as I thought it would be considering that this is an off election year. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that a lot of people were interested in seeing who would win the highly contested County Chair race.

Credentialing (proving who was an eligible for voting delegate to the convention) took a long time to complete, as with every other convention I've been to. During the time all of that was taking place, there were special guests there that were invited to speak. Among them were Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb, State School Superintendent Janet Barresi, as well as several state senators and state house members.

When everything finally got started and everybody got seated in their actual designated precinct areas I had a chance to meet (for the first time) with the other folks in my precinct, including the precinct chair and vice chair (who by the way, over the course of my conversation with him, decided that he wanted to resign the vice chair position and let me take it over).

After the credentials report and the rules report was voted on and accepted with little fanfare, the election of county officers began.

The first election was for the much talked about county chair position. The only ones up for election were Steve Dickson (who was my pick for the position) and the incumbent Matt Jackson.  Unfortunately my pick did not win, losing narrowly to the incumbent. Why Steve did not win I can not be sure of. My only guess is that not enough of the liberty folks were present to give him the needed edge.

The next election was for the vice chair position. There were two ladies running for these position. The incumbent running for re-election was Jay Mandraccia and her challenger (who was my pick) was Cheryl Williams. Cheryl has long been known to be a supporter of the liberty movement and has been a big help not only to me personally but to the liberty cause as well. Cheryl thankfully won the election, albeit by a very slim margin. But hey, a win is a win.

There were some other elections that happened on Saturday including the races for county committee person and 4th and 5th district committee person but I'm not going to get into those on this post.

After the elections were over, the county GOP platform was reported and approved. After that, there were some resolutions presented to the voting body to amend the platform.

The one I was most interested in was the resolution to condemn those Republican elected officials that publicly supported and donated money to the Democratic Sheriff John Whetsel during the November 2013 election against the Republican candidate Darrell Sorrels. It passed very easily. There was not much opposition to it at all, surprisingly enough.

There were some other resolutions that weren't all that exciting. One called for the return of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, which actually won approval. I wonder if the people all of the people there that were so in favor of the policy realize that it was a Democratic President that instituted that policy? Asking for the repeal of that particular law seems like a bit of backwards thinking to me but that is typical neo-con, bought and paid for by the religious right mentality.

There were a couple of other resolutions that quite honestly, I really didn't pay attention to because they did not perk my interest.

Overall, it was a productive and exhausting day and I glad that I made it.

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