Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Prawdzienski To Challenge Lamb in Edmond Mayoral Race!

It looks as though Mayor Lamb has an opponent in next month's mayoral election in Edmond. That opponent is none other than libertarian Richard Prawdzienski!

Back in October 2011, Edmond city councilman Charles Lamb was elected to serve out the rest the term that was vacated by Patrice Douglas when she left to become a state corporation commissioner. He is up for re-election on April 2.

Richard is a liberty-minded individual that is active in the libertarian movement here in Oklahoma, even serving as Chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party at one time. Richard is a former United States Marine and is a member of both the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. He is also a life-time member of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Last year, Richard ran against Clark Jolley in the highly contest District 41 State Senate race but lost to the heavily state chamber-funded incumbent state senator.

Richard is the kind of guy that believes that the government that governs least, governs best.  He hopes to bring his libertarian ideals to the local government in Edmond. Richard should be elected to mayor of Edmond because I believe it is time for a change in politics from the ground up and where better to start than with the smallest unit of government, the city. Richard will bring much needed change to local politics in Edmond. If you would truly like to see an end to the status quo, rather than support a politician that using the phrase 'end the status quo' merely as lip service, join me in supporting Richard Prawdzienski as mayor of Edmond.

You can read more information about Richard on his Facebook page here.

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