Friday, March 15, 2013

Quotes of the Day (3.15.13)

From the mouths of the young:

"...I find that government being involved in that sort of thing [gay marriage] isn't really something that's really necessary...I find there's bigger issues that the government should be dealing with, and when it comes down to your sexual preference or gender and that sort of thing it's really your own personal choice."
 -- Caitlin Baalka, 21-year-old from Seattle Pacific University at CPAC
"I think the government needs less involvement in people's lives and so they shouldn't really be involved in marriage. So it doesn't matter if I personally support or am against it....."
-- Kaylin Bugos, 20-year-old student from University of Maryland at CPAC
"...marriage isn't really...a government institution..I don't think they [the government] have the right to really change what marriage is. I don't think they have that power, because then that implies that they have the right to reach into other nongovernmental things and really change what they are...."
-- Patrick O'Neil, 20-year-old student from Northeastern University at CPAC

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