Thursday, March 21, 2013


Remember that little county election for sheriff that Oklahoma County held back in November? I know I do. I was the campaign manager for Darrell Sorrels who was the Republican running against the Democrat incumbent John Whetsel. I remember what a stinging loss that was to us. I'm not sure why exactly we lost so bad considering so much work had been put into that campaign but I do know there was a severe lack of support from the one organization that should have been bending over backwards to do everything they could to help get this man elected. That organization, you might ask, was the Oklahoma County Republican Party.

And it seems that this lack of support for Darrell goes further than I imagined.

For months and months we were promised support from the County GOP, in particular from the County Chairman, Matt Jackson.

As election day approached, I was told by Mr. Jackson that the County GOP would be donating $4500 in robo calls. These calls were to be placed the day before the election. 

The question I have to ask is: Did these robo calls happen?  If so, why were they not reported to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission?

I know for a fact that the Darrell Sorrels for Sheriff Campaign reported the in-kind contribution of $4500 by the Oklahoma County Republican Party to the OK State Ethics Commission. What I would like to know is why didn't the OK County Republican Party report it?  As of the date of this article, no in-kind contribution has been reported to the Ethics Commission by the OK County GOP of $4500 to the Darrell Sorrels campaign.

So the question is, once again, did they make these calls? If they did place these calls, why did they fail to report them to the Ethics Commission?

I tend to suspect the former myself. I believe that the OK County GOP never made these calls in the first place. I believe that the OK County GOP never had any intention to support Darrell in getting elected over John Whetsel from the get go. I believe that the very public support of John Whetsel over Darrell Sorrels by the Republican OK County Tax Assessor Leonard Sullivan, the Republican OK County Treasurer Forrest “Butch” Freeman, the Republican OK County Court Clerk Carolyn Caudill and the Republican OK County Commissioner Ray Vaughan, among other notable high-level Republicans, was the attitude of the OK County GOP overall. They did not support him because he was not an “establishment” candidate. He was not “one of them.” It is because of this outright lack of support that I believe was a major contributor to the fact that we lost that election as bad as we did. There were other contributing factors, I won’t deny that. But lack of support by the OK County GOP was a huge factor.

However, I could be wrong. Perhaps they did make these calls. I am willing to admit that I could be wrong about that and I will give the OK County leadership a chance to come clean about it. 

Did they make those calls? If not, why not? If they did not, I see this as an outright stab in the back to the campaign and anybody in OK County leadership who took part in this deception should be removed from office.

If they did make these calls, why did they not report this in-kind contribution to the Ethics Commission?

I just want some answers. Just show me the money.


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    So, how long do we give them and then do we file a complaint with the OK state ethics commission.

  2. While at the OK County GOP Convention this weekend, I was hunted down (and unfortunately found) by OK County GOP Treasurer Pam Pollard and she claims that she amended their report with the Ethics Commission. I have not had a chance to view this "amended" report yet. However, she also mentioned that the original $4500 (which the Sorrels campaign submitted in their ethics report) did not happen due to the lateness of when the calls were placed since they (the OK County GOP) were charged per call and the amount ended up being less than $2000. My question, which was not answered, is why they took so long to place the calls in the first place. These robocalls that allegedly happened (and I'm still not convinced that they were) did not occur until the night before the election. In my opinion, the night before the election is too little too late and is the fault of the OK County GOP. These calls should have been started at least a week prior to the election.

    Despite what happened or didn't happen with these robocalls, the general lack of support of the Sorrels campaign by the OK County GOP is unforgivable in my opinion.