Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rand Paul : Striking A Blow for Liberty

Yesterday's filibuster by Senator Rand Paul represents a historic day for the cause of liberty.

In my opinion, this filibuster was not about trying to block the confirmation of John Brennan to the post of CIA director. I don't even think that this filibuster was about drone strikes on American soil, even though that was the subject matter being discussed throughout most of the filibuster.

In my opinion, this filibuster was about a more general and very important subject: the abuse of executive power by the office of the President. The President needs to understand that he is limited in his power and does not have the right to do anything he wants. He is not a king. He is not a dictator. He is not god of the country. He is the President. The Constitution specifically spells out what the President can and can't do. When a President goes beyond that scope, that is, when a President exercises powers that are not enumerated to him, that President should have to face the consequences of his actions. The President was not meant to be all powerful and have the ability to create laws out of thin air. There is a process for creating and passing laws. When a President, for example, issues an Executive Order that is contrary to a law that has been legally passed (or not passed) in Congress, that President should be held accountable.

When a President takes the oath of office, that President promises to defend and support the United States Constitution and when that President does something in direct violation to the Constitution, then that President should no longer be in office because he has violated his oath.

This filibuster was about calling the President out on his abuses of power. It was about his continued violations against the Constitution and against the people of the United States.

Another great thing about this 13-hour long filibuster is that this junior Senator from Kentucky practically forced the mainstream media into covering his defense of the Constitution and of the civil liberties of the people of the United States, topics that are severely lacking in importance with media today.

I personally applaud Senator Rand Paul and all of his colleagues that stood up with him yesterday in defense of the Constitution. I am disgusted by the fact that our own state's U.S. Senators, specifically Tom Coburn, who would rather have dinner with the President than stand on the floor of the Senate and show the rest of the Senate, and the country, that he sides with the Constitution.

Hopefully, this filibuster will be a wake up call to the Senate and the Congress as a whole that the country was founded on the Constitution and it is the Constitution that will lead this country back to greatness and anybody who would blatantly strike a blow against that Constitution should no longer lead.

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