Thursday, March 07, 2013

What Are They So Afraid Of?

What is it exactly about the liberty movement that the old-guard Republicans fear about us? That is, why is it that the majority of Republicans in this country despise us libertarian-leaning Republicans?

Are they afraid of civil liberty?

Are they afraid of limited government?

Are they afraid of fiscal conservatism?

The standard bearer of the Republican Party, that is, the person that most reflects what they claim to be their values to be, is Ronald Reagan. So why is it that their political hero is a man that claimed to espouse libertarian ideals? Do they only say they like Ronald Reagan because it is a good talking point or do they truly not realize that Reagan himself was a libertarian-leaning Republican? Or at the very least that Reagan himself said that libertarianism is the heart of the Republican Party?

What do they have to fear from us? They claim to espouse the same political ideology as we do, at least in theory.

Are they really so clueless to think that we are the enemy?

I think the real answer lies simply in politics. Plain, simple, ugly politics. The politics of power that is. They are afraid of giving away their own power in the party. They are not ready to give up their place of influence within the party to the new guard. They want to hold onto their own self-importance so much that they do not care about how it affects the country. They are not concerned with making real change in the world at the expense of their own egos.

These old guard Republicans need to do what is good for the good of the country and let some fresh blood take over. People like John McCain and John Boehner and Lindsay Graham, and James Inhofe, among many others, need to hand over the reins to good patriots like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and let them steer the Party and the country in the right direction for a change.

From the county party (such as the party in Oklahoma County) to the state party and on up the political ladder, leadership in the party needs to change. Leadership in this country needs to change.

Now is the time for change!

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