Monday, April 15, 2013

Get To Work

This article, titled 100 Years of the Income Tax, was written by Oklahoma grassroots activist Steve Dickson on his Capitalist Sooner blog.

Here is a great quote from it:
"If you want to build a better future, demand more. At the state level, Oklahoma should not cut income taxes - we should eliminate them. We should not reform our government - we should eliminate entire agencies, boards, commissions, and departments. We have elected a Republican legislature and governor to do just that. It is time for them to quite tinkering around the edges and get to the wholesale changes we expect...

...When it comes to our Rights, they are not negotiable or up for debate. Quit thinking you need to DO anything - we need you to STOP things from being done to us. The greatest danger to Liberty in the United States is...the government of the United States...

...Now go to work."

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