Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obama's Turn to Violate the Constitution...Again

Remember that cyber security bill that passed the House last week? Remember how it hasn't gotten through the Senate yet?

Well, Congress be damned. Obama wanted it so he has side-stepped Congress once again.

Tuesday, he signed the Cybersecurity Executive Order.

This executive order allows intelligence to be gathered about American citizens from private firms such as social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc..) or telecommunications networks.

Privacy and civil liberty has taken a back seat in American politics.

So not only has the President violated the Fourth Amendment in that it has violated the privacy rights of American citizens, he also has violated the Constitution in that he has went around (or over) the heads of the legislative branch of our government.

I tend to wonder (even more often lately) if the sitting President has actually read and completely understands the United States Constitution because I do not think he does.

There is a reason our government was set up with 3 separate and distinct branches of government. It's called checks and balances. Without these checks and balances, the President would not be called the President. He would be a king or a dictator.

This President has repeatedly violates the foundations upon which this country were founded and has said on multiple occasions that he views the U.S. Constitution as a stumbling block to his own agenda.

The Founding Fathers set up our nation's government in such a way that no one branch of the government had too much power. But President Obama does not care.

Once again I will say that the sitting President is, in my opinion, the worst President this nation has ever had to face and something must be done to rid this country of this malevolent tyrant.

Impeachment anyone?

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