Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Once Upon a Time in America (4.30.13)

On this day in American history in 1789, George Washington was inaugurated as our nation's first President of the United States.

He took his oath of office in New York City at Federal Hall. The Federal Hall, located on Wall Street, was the first capitol building of the United States under the Constitution.

George Washington was not only the first elected President of the United States, but he was the only President that has been elected unanimously by the Electoral College.

Washington himself was not a member of any political party, in fact he despised them. Nonetheless, his advisors set up different political parties when they created factions among them.

He served only two terms, refusing to serve a third because he wanted to set a precedent that Presidents only service two terms.

Our nation's capitol is named after this great President, as is the state of Washington.

In his Farewell Address he stressed the importance of following the Constitution, the evils of political parties, and warned against meddling in foreign affairs, speaking on friendship with other nations but not involving the nation with "entangling" alliances.

Imagine how great this country would be if the current political environment actually followed his example.

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