Friday, April 12, 2013

Richard Engle Running for Vice Chair of OKGOP

Running for Oklahoma State GOP Vice Chair is Richard Engle.

Richard is a man of integrity and honor and principle.

I had the chance to get to know Richard a bit during my work last year on the campaign to attempt elect Darrell Sorrels as Oklahoma County Sheriff. We all know what the results of that ill-fated campaign are but nonetheless, Richard was a huge help in many ways to the campaign and to me personally.

Richard has been active in the Republican Party for over 30 years and there is not hint of him slowing down. He is a business owner, owning Oklahoma's largest publishing company for independent telephone directories, BellWest America.

Richard is the co-founder of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee, the largest contributor to conservative Republican candidates.

Richard is currently the GOP State Committeeman for Canadian County and the Chair of the Rules Committee for the Oklahoma State GOP.

Richard is a strong proponent of life, liberty and limited government.

According to an interview conducted by the Muskogee Politico, Richard's priorities if elected as Vice Chair of the OKGOP are to empower the grassroots and work to elect Republicans at the local level.

Richard will be running against Denise Crosswhite-Hader, former Vice Chair of the Oklahoma County GOP, and Sara Jo Odom (I was unable to locate any information about Ms. Odom).

Richard's campaign for Vice Chair of the OKGOP is currently endorsed by Insurance Commissioner John Doak and Labor Commissioner Mark Costello.

Oh yeah, and The Otter Limits of course!

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