Monday, May 06, 2013

Marvel Studios Releases A Dud In Iron Man 3



Sunday afternoon, I took my wife and kids to the theater to see the newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man 3.

I am evidently one of the few people in the world that did not like this film.

To me the movie just did not deliver like a Marvel comic book movie should.

It seemed like there were some promising moments in the film that just did not keep their promises.

For instance...


The "lava men" were, in my opinion, less than desirable villains (as was the character that Guy Pearce played).

The introduction of the terrorist organization Advanced Idea Mechanics was a pure comic book geek moment but it went nowhere. It just ended up being the name of the business that the head villain (played by Guy Pearce) was the CEO of. Very disappointing.

The character of the Mandarin did not deliver anywhere close to what he should have been. Anyone who has ever read comics knows that the Mandarin is one of Iron Man's most important villains. This movie turned the character into a complete joke. That was beyond disappointing to me, it was comic book blasphemy.

The idea of Tony Stark having the shrapnel removed from his chest so that he can live a normal life. What?!? Why would they take away the one thing that the character's origin is based on? Why would they remove from the story that essentially makes Tony Stark Iron Man? Ridiculous.

Giving Pepper Potts super powers? C'mon, really? That was just preposterous. It wasn't necessary one bit.

Even the highly anticipated post-credits scene was below par.

And where was the AC/DC music? Gone. Completely gone. The first Iron Man had "Back in Black" and Iron Man 2 had, well, AC/DC did the entire soundtrack but "Shoot to Thrill" comes to mind. Iron Man, however, had a bunch of indie pop crap. Just sad.


On a more positive note, the movie did have a lot of action going on. I will say this for the movie, it wasn't dull, just disappointing in so many ways.

To me, Iron Man 3 was just so substandard and I can only hope that the next 3 Marvel movies (Thor: Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Avengers 2) don’t disappoint as much as this one did.

But see for yourself, you might like the film. Everybody else seems to.

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