Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Will Frankenfood Be the Death of Us?

Instances of cancer, diabetes, allergies, and heart disease are on the rise.

What is the reason?

Could it have anything to do with genetically altered food?

This genetically altered, or genetically modified food, sometimes called GMO, went on the market in the mid-90s.

What was the reason that GMOs went on the market? What was wrong with the food that farmers were producing organically? What happened to real food and why did they feel the need to start mass producing "frankenfood"? It couldn't have anything to do with starvation. There is no starvation problem in this country. This is a country where we have so much to eat that some people feel the need to starve themselves in order to get thinner (anorexics).

The only reason I can imagine if, of course, money. Companies like Monsanto are out to make as much profit as they possibly can so they come up with the idea of genetically engineering food and in turn, end up putting most of the farmers out of business. And those that weren't put out of business will soon be out of business because the presence of GMO food has driven the cost of real food up so high that nobody can afford it.

This also makes me wonder if this GMO food is the cause for the rampant mental illness that seems to be rising in this country.

This company Monsanto, got their start in producing L-dopa, AstroTurf, and light emitting diodes. This makes me wonder what in the hell they are putting in this pseudo-food.

This is a company that has been sued for poisoning people with dioxin and has been investigated several times by the Department of Justice for "scientific misconduct."

This is a company that spends millions of dollars to lobbyists to get Congress and the Department of Agriculture on their side and reduce the federal regulations regarding the production of genetically engineered produce. And recently, a bill was signed into law by "President" Obama to bypass the Department of Agriculture in regards to the production of genetically modified seeds. It effectively denies the right of federal courts to halt the sale or planting of GMO seeds, despite the fact that these potential health risks exist.

I have to admit that I don't know a whole lot about this GMO and Monsanto thing but I have to ask:

Is this GMO food the cause of the rise in cancer, heart disease, and diabetes or is it something else? Is this genetically altered "frankenfood" killing people off at an exponential rate in the name of profit?

Thanks to Toni Samanie for bringing this to my attention last night.

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  1. You know, I am perfectly fine with GMO crops that are not for food consumption. GMO may be a perfect fit for textiles, but it is not fit for my stomach!