Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man Of Steel Worth the Wait


Thursday night (well, technically Friday morning) I took my teenage daughter and my son to go see the midnight premiere of Man of Steel.

This Superman re-boot can be summed up in one word.


Man of Steel was simply amazing. I can't really say anything bad about it.

To anybody that reads the comic books, you will love this movie. To anybody that does not read comic books, you will love this movie.

Superman quite simply, whether you are a fan or not, is the very essence of what a super hero should be. A really decent person that wants to do good and have incredible powers. I mention this because this movie really embodies that idea.

Directed by Zack Snyder, who also directed 300 and Watchmen, and produced by none other than uber-Batman trilogy director Christopher Nolan. The story, which Nolan also co-wrote (also with Batman-trilogy co-writer David Goyer) is a new and interesting take on the Superman origin. Including all of the elements of his origin that make him Superman, the new elements really bring a sense of what it would really be like if a person like Superman were to actually exist and how people would react to him. The story that Nolan and Goyer wrote is, not surprisingly, a very "human" superhuman story. Inasmuch as you could make a "realistic" movie about a character like Superman, the makers of this film nailed it.

henryHenry Cavill was just brilliant in the role. When I first heard last year that he would be playing this iconic role, I was a little put off. But then I remembered that when I first heard that Christian Bale was cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film Batman Begins I was a little put off as well but once seeing the movie, he just fit. That is exactly how I feel about Cavill as Superman. He did a great job. For anybody that is a fan of Smallville, of which I am, he Cavill reminds me of an older Tom Welling.

amyloisAnd Amy Adams as Lois Lane? I was really not liking that idea when I first heard about it. But within the first minute of her showing up on-screen as Lane, I changed my mind. She was great. Even though she still didn't necessarily look like Lois Lane, she acted the part really well.

croweRussell Crowe as Jor-El. Again, brilliant. This might be blasphemy but I actually liked him as Jor-El more than Marlon Brando from the original Superman series.

zodIf I could change one thing about the movie, I would have picked a different actor to play the main villain, General Zod. Don't get me wrong, Michael Shannon actually did a great job of playing the arch-villain but I don't necessarily think he was perfect for the part. And they way the General was portrayed made up for the horrible job that Hollywood did of him in Superman and Superman 2.

kryptonThe movie starts off just like the original 1978 motion picture did, in Krypton. But it was not the Krypton you might be expecting. The way the movie portrayed Superman's home world was nothing like what I expected but it was super cool.

Actually, the way everything was portrayed was absolutely the coolest thing I could have imagined for this movie.

There were some elements of the movie that were based loosely on the J. Michael Straczysnki story, Superman: Earth One and there some elements taken from the DC New 52 Grant Morrison written Action Comics stories.

Everybody that was involved in this project just did a great job. I think creators Jerry Siegel and Jerry Shuster would be proud. I think DC creative director Geoff Johns would be proud.

I could say more about the film but I really don't want to reveal too much about it and ruin it for anybody.

I will say this though, the time I spent waiting to finally see this film (which has been about a year and a half) was definitely worth the wait.

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