Thursday, June 06, 2013

Otter Limits Hits the Airwaves!

You can close the book on The Otter Limits inaugural radio show!

Earlier this evening, at 10 p.m., I hosted the first episode of Otter Limits Radio over at Common Ground Media (hosted by BlogTalkRadio).

Although the first 20 minutes of the show were horrendous due to technical difficulties, once the bug was fixed things seemed to move along a little better and even got some callers.

For the first episode I started out talking about farm subsidies and the farming bills that are currently making their way through Congress. After that, I talked a little bit about the OKC Rock Battle Royale poll I've been running here on the Otter Limits.

After a break or two I started taking calls and ended up getting 2 people to call in where we discussed farm subsidies some more and got more general about politics and talked about government extortion via corporate welfare and income taxes. Also during the conversation with the callers I got to talk a little bit about my activism in local politics and the advantages of working within the system to enact change in Oklahoma.

At the end I did a little plug for a show that is happening on Tuesday the 25th at the Conservatory in Oklahoma City. Old school hardcore punk rock band MDC will be playing there.

You can listen to the show at the following link but keep in mind the first 20 minutes are really really choppy so listen to the first 20 minutes at your own risk:

Otter Limits Radio - 6/5/13 Broadcast.

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