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Uncle Tupelo: Discography of the Moment

Uncle Tupelo was an alt-country band that originated in Belleville, Illinois in 1987. It was formed by Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy, and Mike Heidorn and lasted until 1994. Jeff Tweedy went on to form indie rock band Wilco while Jay Farrar and Mike Heidorn formed alt-country band Sun Volt.

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nodepressionNo Depression
Released in June 1990 by Rockville Records. Re-issued in 2003 by Legacy Records.
Produced by Sean Slade, Paul Kolderie
Band lineup:
Jay Farrar - vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica; Mike Heidorn - drums; Jeff Tweedy - vocals, guitar, bass
Tracks: 13 (19 on the re-issue)
Graveyard Shift. That Year. Before I Break. No Depression. Factory Belt. Whiskey Bottle. Outdone. Train. Life Worth Livin. Flatness. So Called Friend. Screen Door. John Hardy. Left in the Dark. Won't Forget. Sin City. Whiskey Bottle (live acoustic). No Depression (demo). Blues Die Hard (demo).

stillfeelgoneStill Feel Gone
Released in September 1991. Re-issued in March 2003 by Sony Legacy.
Produced by Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 13 (18 on the re-issue)
Gun. Looking for a Way Out. Fall Down Easy. Nothing. Still Be Around. Watch Me Fall. Punch Drunk. Postcard. D Boon. True to Life. Cold Shoulder. Discarded. If That's Alright. Sauget Wind. I Wanna Destroy You. Watch Me Fall. Looking for a Way Out. If That's Alright (demo).

marchMarch 16-20, 1992
Released in August 1992 by Rockville Records. Re-issued in March 2003 by Sony Legacy.
No linep changes.
Tracks: 15 (21 on the re-issue)
Grindstone. Coalminers. Wait Up. Criminals. Shaky Ground. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down. Black Eye. Moonshiner. I Wish My Baby Was Born. Atomic Power. Lilli Schull. Warfare. Fatal Wound. Sandusky. Wipe the Clock. Take My Word. Grindstone (acoustic demo). Atomic Power (acoustic demo). I Wanna Be Your Dog (acoustic demo). Moonshiner (live). The Waltons Theme.

Released in October 1993 by Sire Records. Re-issued in 2003 by Rhino Records.
Produced by Brian Paulson.
Lineup changes:
Mike Heidorn left the band and was replaced by Ken Coomer. John Stirratt was added on guitar and Max Johnston was added on fiddle and steel guitar.
Tracks: 12 (17 on the re-issue)
Slate. Acuff-Rose. The Long Cut. Give Back the Key to My Heart. Chickamauga. New Madrid. Anodyne. We've Been Had. Fifteen Keys. High Water. No Sense in Lovin. Steal the Crumbs. Stay True. Wherever. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? Truck Drivin' Man (live). Suzy Q (live).

anthology89/93: An Anthology
Compilation album released in March 2002 by Sony Legacy Records.
Various producers.
Tracks: 21
No Depression. Screen Door. Graveyard Shift. Whiskey Bottle. Outdone. I Got Drunk. I Wanna Be Your Dog. Gun. Still Be Around. Looking for a Way Out. Watch Me Fall. Sauget Wind. Black Eye. Moonshiner. Fatal Wound. Grindstone. Effigy. The Long Cut. Chickamauga. New Madrid. We've Been Had.

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