Thursday, April 03, 2014

Album of the Moment: Till Midnight

I mentioned this artist recently in my Top 21 Albums list. Chuck Ragan is an artist who I only discovered somewhat recently, as in sometime last year. As I said in that article, I knew who he was, I knew he was part of Hot Water Music but I wasn't necessarily all that interested in his solo work. A friend of mine had me listen to some of his songs, however, and I got hooked instantly.

His 2009 album Gold Country is a great album and really is the bar by which any Chuck Ragan album is measured up. This newest album of his, Till Midnight definitely measures up! In fact, Chuck might have even raised the bar on this one.

Ever since I heard the first single, "Non Typical" I have been anticipating this release. This one is a bit of a departure in that he has added a full band rather than perform his bare-bones songs. His older work seems to focus more on his vocals and his lyrics than the music and while he departs a bit by adding a full band, the focus on songs is still there. And he still sounds like he has had a few shots of whiskey too many. But I mean that in a good way. Hahaha!

On this 5th album of his, Ragan even collaborates with names such as Dave Hause and Ben Nichols.

Till Midnight is a natural progress for Chuck Ragan's solo work and will appeal to fans and non-fans alike.

Highlights of this album include "Something May Catch Fire," "Vagabond," the aforementioned "Non Typical," "You And I Alone," and "Whistleblowers Song" but really the entire album is worth listening and these are just what I would consider to be the stand out tracks.

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