Thursday, April 03, 2014

Drug War Must Be Addressed in 2014

"Ending the Drug War has to be a major priority. There are NO rational facts to support Prohibition. None.

It was basically made illegal in a shady campaign built on racism and Hearst's "reefer madness" yellow journalism. Thousands of years and many thousands of studies have shown the preventative and palliative health benefits for cannabinoids for many conditions. A critical secret to our health has been suppressed, hidden in plain sight.

The human cost is staggering. 7200 non-violent drug offenders and living in cages in OK at a cost of $150 million a year. It destroys their lives and families. A bill in the legislature adds hundreds of more private prison beds.

Every argument against the drug war is a libertarian one....there is no more basic issue."

- - Porter Davis, current member of the Republican Liberty Movement, former Chair of Oklahoma Libertarian Party

Another noteworthy point is that based on the records of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, approximately 32% of Oklahoma's inmates are being incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. When it this going to stop?!?

This is an issue that HAS to be addressed. If our current legislators won't do anything about it, we must seek out new, better representation. We must seek out candidates who support ending the Drug War and opposed to ruining the lives of thousands of families.  THIS is the issue to pay attention to in the 2014 election.

This issue must be addressed both at the federal level and the state level. The federal government must work toward repealing its antiquated drug laws. The states must take their cue from Washington and Colorado and pass laws that end this decades long war that has been more costly than any other war. The Drug War has cost lives and trillions of dollars. It is time to end it once and for all.

If libertarians and other liberty-loving activists can't get anything done through the Republican Party, perhaps it is time to jump ship and either join the Democrats or join the already growing numbers of people who are registering as Independents.

It's time to put aside party politics and focus on the issue at hand. The Drug War is destroying this country. It is destroying the country financially and it is destroying liberty.

It's time to put an end to this ongoing and frivolous war.  Now.

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