Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 14

I got the idea for this post from a recent one by Dave over at Oklahoma Lefty.

This one is a list of my Top 14 Favorite bands and listed next to each is the title of one of their albums. The album listed is the one that I feel if you only listen to one of their albums this is the one it should be.
U2 - The Joshua Tree

  1. Descendents - Everything Sucks
  2. Weezer - Weezer (blue)
  3. The Beatles - 1 (One)
  4. Emery - I'm Only a Man
  5. Stavesacre - How to Live With a Curse
  6. Smoking Popes/Duvall - Destination Failure
  7. MxPx - Panic or Before Everything & After *
  8. Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction
  9. Acceptance - Phantoms
  10. Living Sacrifice - In Memorium
  11. Screeching Weasel - Bark Like a Dog or My Brain Hurts *
  12. Pink Floyd - The Wall
  13. Green Day - Warning

*yeah I know there are 2, i couldn't make up my mind with these.

14. All - Pummel (forgot to add this one, originally had Descendents/All combined but I decided I would separate them for this post).

Friday, March 27, 2009

Essential Depeche Mode

Here is another that just came to me after I finished the INXS one.

A Question of Lust (from 1986's Black Celebration)
A Question of Time (1986's Black Celebration)
Behind the Wheel (1987's Music for the Masses)
Blasphemous Rumours (1984's Some Great Reward)
Enjoy the Silence (1990's Violator)
Everything Counts (from 1983's Construction Time Again)
I Want You Know (1987's Music for the Masses)
Just Can't Get Enough (from 1981's Speak & Spell)
Little 15 (1987's Music for the Masses)
Master and Servant (1984's Some Great Reward)
Memphisto (from 1990's Enjoy the Silence single)
Never Let Me Down Again (from 1987's Music for the Masses)
Nothing (1987's Music for the Masses)
People Are People (from 1984's Some Great Reward)
Personal Jesus (1990s Violator)
Somebody (1984's Some Great Reward)
Strangelove (1987's Music for the Masses)
Sweetest Perfection (1990s Violator)
World in My Eyes (from 1990's Violator)

Essential INXS

I haven't done one of these in a while and thought it would be a good time for one. This one is kind of short and judging by the albums these songs come from it is kind of one-sided. Anyway, here it goes, the Essential INXS.

Devil Inside (from 1987's Kick)
Don't Change (from 1982's Shabooh Shoobah)
Good Times (from 1987's Lost Boys Soundtrack)
Guns in the Sky (from 1987's Kick)
Kick (from 1987's Kick)
Listen Like Thieves (from 1985's Listen Like Thieves)
Need You Tonight (from 1987's Kick)
Never Tear Us Apart (from 1987's Kick)
New Sensation (from 1987's Kick)
Original Sin (from 1984's The Swing)
The One Thing (from 1982's Shabooh Shoobah)
What You Need (from 1985's Listen Like Thieves)

Forgot one!
Mystify (from 1987's Kick)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

MLS Update

With the NHL season starting to wind down I thought I would start this feature up to spot light another professional sports league. Major League Soccer!

I still don't know why the United States is the only country that calls it soccer but that is a subject for another post (that probably will happen but anyway...).

So anyway, the season just started but here are the current standings.

Eastern Division

Chicago Fire
Toronto FC
New England Revolution
DC United
Columbus Crew
Kansas City Wizards
New York Red Bulls

Western Division

Seattle Sounders FC
Chivas USA
Los Angeles Galaxy
Houston Dynamo
Real Salt Lake
Colorado Rapids
San Jose Earthquakes
FC Dallas

By the way, for those that don't know. FC which you see in a few of the clubs names stands for "futbol club." Futbol, as you may or may not know, is what the rest of the world calls "soccer."

Find out more about
Major League Soccer here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Otisburg Update!

I have not written much about my band Otisburg lately so at the request of my good friend Dave I will let you know what has been going on with us.

We have not been doing any shows at all lately, nor do we intend to any time soon.

We have been spending a lot of time writing.

We are essentially not playing any of our material that pre-dates Born Yesterday anymore (with a couple of exceptions) and have been trying to focus more on newer material.

The writing process itself has been going quite well. We have about a dozen new songs in the works.

We will most likely start putting together some demos of the new stuff and get ourselves prepared for getting into the recording studio again to record the stuff.

However....we will be taking a bit of a break before any of this happens because Scott will soon be on his honeymoon (he get married this Saturday by the way. Congrats Scott!!)

Other than that, not much else have been going on.

Oh yeah, actually directly contradicting what I just said about not doing any shows, we might end up doing a short acoustic set at a concert I am trying to get set up at my church within the next few months along with a few other bands.

Missing In Action

I thought I would post this to let all 3 of my readers know that I have not fell off the face of the earth. You know, just in case you have been wondering why I have not been blogging lately.

The reason I have not been blogging unfortunately is nothing as noble as being too busy with life to get on the computer or anything like that.

I just simply have not had much to say so I have bothered with blogging.

I could probably keep on doing my "Once Upon a Time in America..." posts so maybe I will start that up again just to have something to post or perhaps I will do another NHL update since I have not done one of those in a while.

Other than that, nothing has inspired me to write?

Any ideas?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Abortion Debate Continues

Over at KittenStomper's site, the gloves have come off.

I recently commented on this post and felt that I wanted more people to read over this debate to get other's two cents worth.

And here is my response to his latest comment on the post:

"would you force a rape victim to give birth to her rapist's child? The victim of incest to give birth to her very own brother?"

Let us discuss some numbers:

In a poll conducted by Planned Parenthood, 1900 women were surveyed and as it pertains to the reason for their abortion, these were the results:

21% - not ready for the responsibility
21% - could not afford the baby
16% - concerned over how the baby would change their life
12% - blamed a relationship problem
11% - not mature enough
8% - had enough children
1% - the result of rape or incest

A woman that is raped has other choices. Abortion is not the only choice. It takes several HOURS for conception to happen after sexual intercourse. She has the right and could make the choice to go to an emergency room and be treated with a spermicide.

Another study shows that victims of incest rarely ever voluntarily agree to an abortion. Rather they view the pregnancy as a way out of the incestuous relationship because the birth of a child would expose the sexual activity.

"Or if giving birth was a death sentence, due to a health concern, of the mother?"

I believe what you might be asking here is the ole pro-choice standby 'what about in cases where the woman's life or health might be in danger?'

I don't think this is a valid concern. In any case where a mother's life could be in danger if she were to give birth to a child, a doctor would induce labor or perform a C-section.
A similar argument would be if your house is on fire and you had to choose whether to save your wife or your child, who would you choose?

"legislating your opposition.....eliminate the right for them...from weighing their unique circumstances.."

What unique circumstances?

And as far as taking a woman's LEGAL right to an abortion?

Does a woman have the LEGAL right to drive 100 mph on the freeway? No, she does not.
Does a woman have the LEGAL right to not pay her taxes? No, she does not.
Does a woman have the LEGAL right to sell her organs on eBay? No, she does not.
Does a woman have the LEGAL right to sell her body for sexual favors? No, she does not.

You see, people have fewer rights in this country than you really think they do but this is a great country and we do have many rights afforded to us. However, I think giving a woman the LEGAL right to KILL another human being should not be included in the rights we do have.

U2 Concert Set List?

Yeah, couldn't come up with a better title.

Dave and I were discussing the fact that neither one of us have ever been to a U2 concert and an interesting question was brought up. If you could hear them play live all the songs that you would want to hear played live, what would they be.

So at the request of our pal Lefty, here is my list (with the album that the song comes from in parentheses).

40 (War)
All Because of You (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)
All I Want Is You (Rattle and Hum)
Beautiful Day (All That You Can't Leave Behind)
Breathe (No Line on the Horizon)
Bullet the Blue Sky (Joshua Tree)
Cedars of Lebanon (No Line on the Horizon)
Desire (Rattle and Hum)
Even Better Than the Real Thing (Achtung Baby)
Gloria (October)
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (No Line on the Horizon)
In a Little While (All That You Can't Leave Behind)
In God's Country (Joshua Tree)
Magnificent (No Line on the Horizon)
Mysterious Ways (Achtung Baby)
New Year's Day (War)
One (Achtung Baby)
Pride (Unforgettable Fire)
Saints Are Coming (?)
Two Hearts Beat As One (War)
Walk On (All That You Can't Leave Behind)
Where the Streets Have No Name (Joshua Tree)
With or Without You (Joshua Tree)
Yahweh (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Starbucks Hades?

Since I was told that I had to register for some sort of an account in order to comment on OkiePolitics blog, I will just post my response to his post here.

Whether or not I am a "displaced" Oklahoman is subject to interpretation but "Starbucks Hades?" Really? What is that about? Why bring Seattle into the debate? Besides the fact, there are a lot of things waaaay better than Starbucks (which I do not patronize by the way) that have come out of the Emerald City.

I also find it interesting that these bloggers that have put up post on their owns sites do not bother to post a comment on the post that seemed to have started it all. At least KittyStomper had the decency to leave a comment stating he was going to make it a post instead.

Speaking of KittyStomper, check out his latest post on the issue here along with my own comments to it.

By the way Kitty. I do respect your opinion. I just happen to disagree with it.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pro-Choice Catholic Priest?!?

He says he is pro choice but it is not what you think. It is a pretty interesting post though.

Obama - I Knew There Was A Reason I Didn't Trust This Guy!

View the video here at RedStater.

One of the most appalling things in regards to our current President is that he voted against the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act THREE times!

What is BAIPA? It gives a baby that is born alive after a FAILED ABORTION attempt protection under the law.

Voting against this law in my opinion basically just tells me that the guy doesn't like babies. How can a person fully trust a guy that is okay with letting a live baby die?

I can't.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Ranking Screeching Weasel

Okay, this is the last one for the night.......I think....
  1. My Brain Hurts (1991)
  2. Bark Like a Dog (1996)
  3. Anthem for a New Tomorrow (1993)
  4. Screeching Weasel (1987)
  5. Boogadaboogadaboogada (1988)
  6. Television City Dream (1998)
  7. Wiggle (1993)
  8. Emo (1999)
  9. How to Make Enemies and Irritate People (1994)*
  10. Teen Punks in Heat (2000)
* I want to go on record to say that I really really did not like this album at all and the only reason that it is in the ranking above Teen Punks in Heat is due to the fact that I have never heard the album Teen Punks in Heat. Rest assured though, now that I think about it I am going to find a copy that I can listen to and will almost guarantee you that I will be updating this list to reflect the change in ranking.

Ranking Green Day

Here is another list of a band's albums that I am ranking in order of preference.

I will be doing quite a few more of these in the coming days. You can blame Dave.  Look at the monster you have created!!!
  1. Warning
  2. American Idiot
  3. Dookie
  4. Kerplunk
  5. Nimrod
  6. Insomniac
  7. 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

Ranking the Descendents/All

I did one of these recently for U2 and at Dave's suggestion decided to go ahead and rank the albums for the Descendents and All.

Technically, these are the same band but I chose to split them out because trying to rank all of these albums on their own is not something I want to try and get into at this time.

Anyway, here they are. The albums of the Descendents and All in order of preference!

Thanks for the suggestion Dave!


Everything Sucks
Cool To Be You
I Don't Want to Grow Up
Milo Goes to College
Bonus Fat


Mass Nerder
Breaking Things
Allroy's Revenge
Allroy Saves
Allroy for Prez
Allroy Sez

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ranking the U2 Albums

Here is a list of U2's studio albums by order of preference. That is favorite to least favorite.

1. The Joshua Tree
1. All That You Can't Leave Behind*
2. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
3. No Line on the Horizon
4. Achtung Baby
5. Rattle and Hum
6. War
7. Unforgettable Fire
8. October
9. Zooropa
10. Boy
11. Pop

*There are two listed in the #1 preference because these two albums tie in my opinion. I think The Joshua Tree is an amazing album but that it was equaled by All That You Can't Leave Behind.

U2 Does the Top Ten List

I was watching Letterman tonight, waiting for U2 to play (like I have the last two nights) when low and behold they come on earlier in the show to do the Top 10 List!

Here is the list:

Top 10 Things U2 Has Learned Over the Years

10. A lot of people think I am the guy that sang with Cher -- Bono
9. I suck at Guitar Hero -- The Edge
8. Dumb people think we are You Tube -- Adam
7. Even my family asks, are you Adam or Larry? -- Larry
6. There is always quite a stir at Applebee's when they say 'U2-party of four!" -- Bono
5. Cool name: The Edge, Uncool name: The Itch -- The Edge
4. Melted cheese tastes good on everything -- Adam
3. Sometimes when we shout 'are you ready to rock!' we don't really care if you are ready to rock. -- Larry
2. It's never too soon to start working on a phony Irish accent -- U2 collectively
1. Up close you can totally see Letterman's hairpiece -- Bono

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

FOCA Part 2

The Freedom of Choice would make things like this legal.

A summary for those that don't like to read or click links. A baby that was born alive after an attempt to abort was killed and then thrown away.

After the baby was born, it was placed in a BIO HAZARD bag and thrown away! In the trash!
To hide the baby from the authorities, the person responsible went out to the trash and instead put the body on the roof of the clinic.

Anyway the point of the article is that the person that did this was charged with the unlicensed practice of a health care profession resulting in bodily injury, 2nd degree felony, tampering with evidence and 3rd degree felony.

My point is, that if the Freedom of Choice Act were to become a law, this sort of thing would be okay. 

Can you really live with that on your conscience?

Politics 101: FOCA

The Freedom of Choice Act a bill that would effectively create a national abortion policy in the United States and require that the government fund and promote abortions.

In fact, this bill is passed, would require taxpayers to fund abortions and would force all states to allow partial-birth abortions.

It would also require physicians that oppose abortion based on religious of moral grounds to perform them.

Personally, I think that this a very poor bill and we should do everything in our power to keep this bill from becoming law. We the taxpayers should not be forced to fund something we do not believe in. Furthermore, the taking away of the rights of states (even though it has been going on nearly since the inception of our nation's history) is a very bad thing! Unfortunately, we have a federal government today that is controlled primarily by those in favor of this bill so the minority in Congress that opposes it will really have to put up a fight in order to get it knocked down.

What can we do? We can write our Representatives and our Senators. We can even write the President. Not sure how much good it would do but if enough people do it, perhaps those in power will realize what a bad idea it really is.


Check out Dave's post on True Liberalism.

Pretty insightful.

CD Review: No Line on the Horizon

I don't usually do CD reviews. In fact, I can't even think of the last one I have done. However, in my opinion, a new U2 album is an event that would rightly warrant doing one. So here is my review of their new album No Line on the Horizon.

First things first, I have to say that if you go into this album expecting the next Joshua Tree or the next All That You Can't Leave Behind, you are going to be disappointed. My advise would be to listen to it without any preconceived notions about what you think it should sound like.

That being said, I think it is a very good album. Very good. However, I am not saying that if I put it up against all of their albums it would end up in my Top 3. But it is good.

It was not as immediate as some of their other albums were to me. That is, upon the first listen to it, I was not terribly impressed. However, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I was expecting something I should not have been expecting. By the time I listened to it the 2nd time, all of those preconceived notions were gone and I was able to enjoy it for what it was. A new U2 album and not another ATYCLB.

I remember that How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb was the same way. When I first listened to it. I did not like it one bit and was severely disappointed. However, I also remember that I first listened to it during an intense U2 listening phase and right after having listened to ATYCLB several times. Now, I really do like that album a lot.

The next question is would I recommend this album to someone else. That is not as easy a question to answer. Let me put it this way though. If I were talking to a person that had never heard any of their stuff (is there anybody out there that hasn't?) but wanted to start, I would recommend they begin their U2 adventure somewhere else and come back to this one at a later time. If I were talking to someone that was a fan, I would definitely recommend it to them with the aforementioned disclaimer: Do not expect something that this album is not!

For me, the highlights on this album are the songs "Magnificent" "Moment of Surrender" "Breathe" and "Cedars of Lebanon."

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Updated DOTM: U2

New release means the DOTM is outdated. 

Click here for the full list with updates!

U2 Grammys

U2's newest album No Line on the Horizon was released today so I thought by marking the occasion I would do another U2 post.

This post will be a listing of all of the Grammy Awards they have won over the years.

1988 - Album of the Year (The Joshua Tree)
1988 - Best Rock Duo or Group with Vocal
1989 - Best Rock Duo or Group with Vocal
1989 - Best Performance Music Video (Where the Streets Have No Name)
1993 - Best Rock Duo or Group with Vocal
1994 - Best Alternative Music Album (Zooropa)
1995 - Best Long Form Music Video (Zoo TV: Live from Sydney)
2001 - Best Rock Duo or Group with Vocal
2001 - Song of the Year (Beautiful Day)
2001 - Record of the Year (Beautiful Day)
2002 - Best Rock Album (All That You Can't Leave Behind)
2002 - Best Rock Duo or Group with Vocal
2002 - Best Pop duo or Group with Vocal
2002 - Record of the Year (Walk On)
2005 - Best Short Form Music Video (Vertigo)
2005 - Best Rock Duo or Group with Vocal
2006 - Album of the Year (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)
2006 - Song of the Year (Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own)
2006 - Best Rock Duo or Group with Vocal
2006 - Best Rock Song (City of Blinding Lights)
2006 - Best Rock Album (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)

Having compiled this list I was wondering what some of these categories actually meant. And here is what I found out.

Album of the Year is an award given for an entire album.

Record of the Year is awarded for a single or one track on an album.

Song of the Year is also for a single track on an album but is different from the Record of the Year in that the Record of the Year is presented to the artist of the song while Song of the Year is presented to the composer of the song.

The rest were fairly self-explanatory to me.

So anyway, there they are. All of the Grammys that have been awarded to U2.