Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What Would You Do Part 2

As the title suggests, this is a sequel to my previous post, What Would You Do?

In that post, I spoke about some things going on with my life and basically just got a lot of things off of my chest concerning my wife's health and the fact that (at the time) we were under the impression that she had about 6 months left to live.


So much for 6 months.

Jesica was admitted to the hospital on Monday afternoon due to some intestinal blockage. The tumors in her abdominal region were causing her bowels to block up.

It gets worse though.

In addition to her intestinal blockage (and I think because of that blockage) her kidneys are shutting down.

So after 3 years of fighting cancer and after being told that there was nothing left they can do and that she only has about 6 months to live......kidney failure is what is going to end her life.

As for the 6 months...not so much.

According to her doctor, she is not expected to live much longer than 2 weeks because of the seriousness of the kidney failure.

For those of my readers that are believers as I am, if it makes you feel any better, she is ready to go. She is tired of fighting and is ready to go home to meet Jesus. And I have to say that I don't blame her one bit.

As much as we (the family) does not want to have to say goodbye to her this soon, we do not want to see her suffer any longer than she has to.

That is pretty much all I had to say about that.

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  1. (((Steve and littles and friends and all of us that love Jesica)))