Friday, February 26, 2010

Movie Review: Book of Eli

Shortly before I moved back to Oklahoma, I went and saw this movie.

I have read that it did not get really good reviews which really did not surprise me all that much. The really good films usually don't get good reviews (in my opinion). Personally, I loved this film. I thought it was amazing.

First off, I am a big fan of post-apocalyptic movies anyway so that is a big plus for this film for me.

Denzel Washington is one of our time's best actors and in this film he shows why. I thought he played the part of the wayward drifter traveling the country from east to west quite well.

And Gary Oldman, who I also consider to be one of our time's finest actors, played the part of the small town mayor/king/head cheese very well. Oldman can play a villain like nobody's business (however, no performance of his as a villain will ever hold a candle to his performance as the corrupt DEA agent in The Professional).

Another darn decent actor shows up in what is little more than a cameo really but still does a great job in his small part.

At the end there is one of those What the Hell?!? moments that makes replay the movie in your mind and makes you want to go right the hell back and watch the movie again just to try and catch it all again.

Anyway, in my opinion, this is one hell of a movie and I recommend that anyone go see it.

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