Monday, January 31, 2011

CD Review: Gaslight Anthem's American Slang

I have to admit that I had never heard of the band Gaslight Anthem until I read Dave's review of it over at his blog Oklahoma Lefty, CD Review: American Slang. He even listed the album as one of his favorite albums of 2010 at Top 5 Albums of 2010.

In his review he said "do yourself a favor and pick up American Slang." So I did about a week ago and for the life of me I can not stop listening to it. It has been on in my car stereo ever since I picked it up.

This album by the New Jersey quartet is just great rock 'n' roll through and through. They are a great working-class rock and soul band. You can honestly just hear the heart and soul of this band from this album. That is, you can really tell that they put their hearts and souls into this music. And you can feel the influence of fellow Jersey-ite Bruce Springsteen in this bands music. In fact, they remind me of a band that would result from throwing Bruce Springsteen and a post-Replacements Paul Westerberg into a blender with just a dash of Social Distortion.

I'm really kind of surprised that these guys are not more popular than they are. Then again, maybe they are really popular and I'm just not up on the current music scene anymore or something. Could be a mixture of the two probably.

The album was released on June 15, 2010 by SideOneDummy Records. They recorded it between February 1 and March 1, 2010 at the New York Magic Shop studio in New York City.

It debuted on the Billboard 200 at #16 but strangely enough, that is as high as it got on the chart. It did, however, hit #1 on Billboard's Independent albums chart.

Highlights on this album include "American Slang" "Stay Lucky" "Bring It On" "The Diamond Church Street Choir" "Old Haunts" "The Spirit of Jazz".......oh forget it, let's face it, this whole album is great.

In conclusion, I will echo Dave's words. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album. Right now. Don't wait. Get down to your local record store (preferably but you can also pick it up at Best Buy) and buy this album today!

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