Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Interview with John Moreland

John Moreland is an alt-country/rock artist based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has been releasing EPs and LPs since 2006 both by himself and along with the bands Black Gold Band and his new band, the Dust Bowl Souls.

Here is an interview that I conducted with him via e-mail today, January 18..............................

1. When did you first start playing music and what got you started?

i started playing music when i was 10 years old. my family had just moved to Tulsa from northern Kentucky, so i didn't really have any friends yet, and i was pretty bored. my dad played guitar, so i asked him to teach me some chords.

2. What bands and/or solo artists are your biggest musical influences?

holland-dozier-holland, randy newman, steve earle, john fogerty, leon russell, a lot more.

3. Are there any artists that you would like to work with that you haven't been able to yet?

plenty, but i don't know how realistic most of them are. buddy miller would be at the top of the list.

Here are some songwriting questions:

4. What comes first. Music or lyrics?

usually music and a couple lines of lyrics come at the same time, and then i'll finish the lyrics later.

5. Are your songs a collaborative effort or do you write them yourself?

not collaborative at all. i've only co-written twice.

6. Which do you prefer, recording or playing live. Why?

recording. playing live scares the hell out of me.

Here is a question for the gearheads:

7. What kind of gear do you use when recording and playing live?

when i'm recording, it depends on where i'm recording and what gear is available there, and also what song(s) i'm recording, because i wanna use gear that's appropriate for the song and how i want it to come across. live, i play a martin 000X1AE. when i play with a band, i play a stratocaster w/ a tele deluxe neck. it was given to me, and i really don't know anything about it. and a fender hot rod deville 2x12.

8. Your latest album [Everything the Hard Way] was released with the Dust Bowl Souls, what happened to the Black Gold Band?

we broke up in december 2009.

9. What are your thoughts on the music scene here in Oklahoma?

it's weird.

10. Have any record labels shown any interest in signing you?


11. Are there any labels you would be interested in working with?

any label that could help me. i don't really have a preference.

12. In your opinion, what are the 3 best musical releases in 2011 (not including your own)?

glossary - long live all of us
des ark - don't rock the boat, sink the fucker
preservation hall jazz band & del mccoury band - american legacies

13. Whats next for you?

make another record, play more shows. same as always.

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  1. Just came across John Moreland's music this weekend. What a talent! I've been listening to his Earthbound Blues album for days now. John Moreland is a talent that needs to be discovered.