Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CD Review: New Again

I recently borrowed the new Taking Back Sunday CD, New Again from the public library.

I would not say that I am the biggest fan of the band by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, up until a few weeks ago, I had only heard maybe a small handful of their songs and was not really necessarily amazingly impressed with what I had heard.

First a short bio on the band. They are from Long Island New York and they formed in 1999. They have released 4 studio albums, 12 singles, 1 EP, 1 live album and 1 compilation album.

Their album Louder Now reached #2 on the US Billboard 200 charts.

This newest album was released on June 2, 2009. I am actually kind of amazed that I found it at the library. Usually they don't have albums that are this new. In any case, I am glad they had it.

So anyway, as I was saying. I am not the biggest fan of them however a few weeks ago Dave was saying something about them and I decided to give them another try. So I ended up borrowing the album Tell All Your Friends from the library and giving that one a listen. I liked it. Nothing awe-inspiring. But a good album nonetheless.

So in reading this review of the new CD keep in mind that I am more or less a Taking Back Sunday novice, having only heard the albums Tell All Your Friends, Louder Now, and of course this new one New Again.

I actually really like the album in general. I think there are a couple of songs on it that I would consider throwaways but not because they are not good songs, they just didn't hook me. I have found more and more often that I am really a sucker for a good hook. So if I band does not have a few songs on an album that have a good hook in them, I consider the album in general a disappointment.

This album does have a few of those songs. Songs with good hooks.

The songs that stand out to me on this album that I really enjoy are:
"New Again" "Summer Man" "Cut Me Up Jenny" "Capital M-E" and "Carpathia"

As I listen to the album again it dawns on me that in some ways they remind me of another band that I really like but unfortunately is no longer together. That band is The Juliana Theory.

In short, from listening to this album I think I am going to go borrow some more albums of theirs from the library at some point and listen to more.

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  1. Great review!!! I’m also very new to TBS but so far from what I’ve heard they are not that bad. I think you summed them up perfectly when you said “I liked it. Nothing awe-inspiring. But a good album nonetheless.” That is about how I feel about the stuff of theirs that I’ve heard. I will have to see if our library has gotten a copy of this new CD yet and check it out.