Sunday, January 27, 2013

Otter's Bookshelf: Superman Earth One Volume Two

TITLE: Superman Earth One Volume 2

AUTHOR: J. Michael Stracynski



I wrote a review for volume one of this series back in February 2011 (Currently Reading: Superman Earth One).

This graphic novel came out in October and the writer/artist team of Stracynski and Shane Davis return to continue the story. The story takes place shortly after the events of the first volume and continues the story about Superman's attempt to figure out his place in the world while trying to keep it safe.

It has the same great artwork that I loved about the first one. The writing is just as good as the first one. The story is actually pretty amazing. It goes into some of the ethical dilemma you can imagine that a person that can do practically anything would in that it touches on whether or not everyone can and should be helped.

Having gone back and read volume one before I read volume two, I have to say that I enjoyed volume one a lot more than I did when I originally read it.  Stracynski puts a really interesting spin on the origins of Superman and I really like the way he makes the Superman mythos more modern which I think is the whole idea of the 'Earth One' series.

As if you didn't catch it, I have decided to re-name this segment on Otter Limits from 'Currently Reading' to 'Otter's Bookshelf.'  I changed it because in most cases I am writing these things after I have already read the book so calling it 'currently' reading doesn't make much sense. 

Anyway, you should definitely go out and read both volumes of this story. I think you'll find them quite interesting.

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